Monday, January 26, 2015

Grim Reaper

Dear Family,

So...had transfers and I got my new companion! Elder Bywater, he is from Twin Falls Idaho, his family moved to Montana 6 months before he came out. What's funny is that he goes home in March...So I will be killing him this transfer...I'm like the Grim Reaper, just killing missionaries left and right. We have been getting along really well, he is more of a quiet Elder so we are about the same. It's been a little different because we both kinda had that "whatever" attitude, so I have been having to step it up a bit and just be like OK, we are going to do this now, type of thing. It's going to be really good for me this transfer. Going to work hard and step it up. It feels like the president has been "training" me with my last few companions, so we will see what happens.

This week was also different because I was with Elder Scott for the week working both places (Cottonwood & Bellevue) and we didn't get much done. With transfers and having to deep clean both places, that took most of our time. We did do one awesome thing, we joined the Bellevue ward and went on Offutt and played soccer. It was really fun and had a good time A LOT of running, I'm still feeling it a little bit in my legs...LoL

That was about my week, played some pinball because Elder Scott lives in a members home and they have a pinball machine, so that was my excitement for the week. :)

Hope all is going well with you guys. I love you all!! I'm grateful for the chance I have to serve a mission and how awesome it is!!!! (most days)  :)

Love, Elder Searle