Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year

Dear Family,

So I had a pretty dang good week and a fun New Years! Went over to the Ericson's for New Year's Eve and had fun there. They are the ones who sent you the pictures of us. We played some card games and had a good time. They had a family over and that family has a silly 2 year old little boy named Teddy and he is so funny. He speaks in the 3rd person so it's always "Teddy wants food, Teddy wants Elder Searle" (in a cute little kid voice) it's so funny. Then for New Year's Day we went over to our Bishop's house and had dinner there, we also finished teaching Sara the rest of the lessons while we were there.

Now for the good stuff....(drum roll)... Sara was baptized!! It was a super good baptism!! Her husband was able to baptize her and it was so spiritual! After she was baptized, our ward mission leader asked if she wanted to bear her testimony and she said no, then at the end while we were singing the closing hymn, she leaned over and asked if she could say something. She thanked everyone and told everyone about her journey and it was awesome!!! The Spirit was so strong, best way to finish off your baptism.

Yes, the cold is back and it's even colder. It's 12 right now and for Wednesday it says the high is -1.....-23 with the windchill. That will be nice!!! NOT!!

Our week went pretty well, we found two new investigators and both are from part member families. We are teaching a 13 year old boy and his less active dad, then we are teaching a lady that's 26 and her sister. We went over there and played Candyland with them, since we promised them on Christmas that we would play that with them and we had a fun time there. Our ward also moved to 1pm on Sunday's so that means we are the last ones there, that also means we can use the church building for Break the Fast!! It went really well, don't think I have ever been in a family ward that has done a Break the Fast, but it went well, lots of food and good company.

That's about my week, hopefully everything is going well with you guys!!!

Take Luck!!

Love Elder Searle

 Elder Jacobson, Sara and her husband and Elder Searle
 Elder Jacobson and Elder Searle
Outside their apartment