Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Temple Trip

What's up family and friends?!

Had a slower week than I would have liked but it was still good. Going to talk about the main couple three highlights of the week.

Had zone training and the temple trip so had a good time there, especially at the temple. I'm so thankful that I have one close enough that I can go to every other transfer pretty much!

We also got in and are able to do some service at a library that's up by the projects. The lady over the volunteer work is pretty cool and so happy to actually have some strong men to help out that's not your normal high school kids that need service. So they tested us on organizing books and then we just had to go put them on shelves. We will be going there every Wednesday and we will just start doing more and more so it should be pretty legit.

Went over the Ericson's because for the mini missions, they made food from their mission. Since he went to Brazil he made some Feijoada and some Terere/Chimarro. The terere is a drink and it's different but good.

Yesterday was our P-day, we went and played volleyball all day and I was soooooo sore! But it was fun, we just get to email today and then back to work.

One funny little story, we saw a black guy going through a dumpster and cutting wires and stuff and my companion kept walking by so I followed. Then I was like, let's go and talk to him, so as we were walking back to him he started singing and dancing, it was so funny!! He kept singing and wouldn't answer any of our questions so we left. Pretty funny!!

That was pretty much my week, hopefully this week will be better because it's been pretty slow. Grrr!! No one likes a slow weeks but we will keep our heads up and keep pushing through this cold! :)

Love, Elder Searle

 youth in their ward doing mini-missions
 Temple trip

companion Elder Bywater

Bipolar Nebraska Weather

Dear Family,

Welcome to the land of Bipolar Nebraska Weather! Where it snows like no tomorrow one day, warms up, snows a ton again then BAM! A couple three day of wishing I could wear shorts and flip flops. The side effect of this weather is a lot of people have been getting sick and that has hurt the missionary work a bit.

On Wednesday, we decided to go out and shovel snow for hours. We went around and did some driveways for some older people, some less actives, helped a mother in the ward shovel snow because he husband was out driving trucks. We were out for about 5 hours and had fun, and I felt it the next day! My arm muscles were so sore and I slept wrong on my shoulder so that was killing me, I just walked around the next day with a dead arm pretty much. lol!!

I was telling Elder Bywater that I haven't really slipped on the ice yet here, so of course, a couple hours later I slipped on a hill because I thought it would be cool and walk on the retaining wall, then when I jumped down, I totally ate it. Then the other day, we were helping a member move out a desk and my companion and I were going down the flight of stairs when my foot missed the stair and I stepped in the only muddy part on the cement, it wouldn't have been too bad if the desk didn't land on me.

Sunday we helped the youth in our ward. They are doing mini missions this week and it started yesterday. The sisters, the senior couple and us all taught about Preach My Gospel and why it's so important. We had 3 classes that were 15 min. each and it was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed teaching the class because I totally realized that I actually am starting to turn into a pretty good teacher, at least a lot more than I give myself credit for.

Elder Bywater is the quietest companion I've had, I've been stepping it up these past couple three weeks (Nebraska language) since he'll go home soon.

Had a pretty good week and this coming week should be even better. We are going on exchanges with the DL on Tuesday and have Zone training on Thursday and a temple trip on Friday so right there, you know we are going to have a good week.

Hope all is going well with you guys, good luck, have fun and take luck!

Love, Elder Searle

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Slow, Snowy, No Church & Superbowl

Dear Family,

Had a very different week this week, started out by having a SUPER slow week, like everyone we tried to visit weren't home or they didn't live there anymore. We were going through some potentials and some former's because the area has been a little slow lately and we just haven't been having any luck. We also got dumped on with SNOW!! Like it was CRAZY!! It started snowing Saturday evening, then on Sunday morning it was just crazy outside! It was windy and we had some huge drifts! Some cars were covered in parking lots and everything.

We got a text that said cars were grounded, then got a text from the ward mission leader that said the stake had cancelled church. That was weird for sure. So we were like, since church has been cancelled does that mean Fast Sunday is also cancelled and we can eat? We were told Fast Sunday and the Break the Fast were cancelled and would not be rescheduled, but you could still fast if you like.

Since we couldn't go anywhere and we couldn't drive, we had the Erickson's come pick us up and we spent the day with them. We played games and had dinner with them and the Leylands came over with funny Teddy. We finally got him to say our names, it's cute how he says them.

Everything is going well with my companion, he has kind of the same personality as me, just chill with anything so I've had to really step it up and take the lead. I was talking to him and said that by the time he learns the area, he'll be going home. I told him that maybe the president was testing me to see if I have ANY leadership skills. lol! And I guess I was companion told me the president called him and said that my comp would come here to help me with that. I'm not sure how I'm doing with the leadership skills, but I'm trying!

The lease on our apartment ends at the end of this month so we will most likely be moving to a new one then.

I'm thankful for the chance I did have to fast on Sunday, it was harder because we were sitting right next to food all day long....but it was worth it!

Have a good week everyone!! Love ya'll!!

Patriots FTW!! (for his mom!! :)

Love, Elder Searle

 A picture we sent Brendan for Christmas and he added himself to it. :)