Monday, December 16, 2013

1 month of service

Dear Family,
So I made a list of things I did each day, so hopefully you can understand what I did better.

Monday-P-day We played lots of board games. We played this weird Munchins game and a sweet Pokemon board game. It was a blast.

Tuesday - We knocked on doors for almost the whole day. Nothing was really accomplished this day but we tried our best. Tuesday nights are when we usually play ultimate frisbee with some people from the ward and we bring some investigators to it. But the other ward were using the gym so we just went to the bishops house and played card games with his wife and an investgator. Sister Keller is CRAZY when it comes to games. We played spoons, and she would literally throw them all over her house and she even dove and flew over the table we were playing on. She is pretty crazy, so is the rest of the bishops family.

Wednesday - We had a zone conference thing, it was pretty cool and afterwards, our super rich stake president paid for all 40ish of us to eat at Golden Coral. We ate like everything they had out there, there were so many of us. We also were finally able to talk to Mike Kozack, he is someone that the other missionaries have been working on for quite a while. He was hit by a c4 while in the army and is still recovering from that. He cracked some things in his spine, lost some of  his hearing and eye sight in one eye. He tore his ACL and MCL in BOTH LEGS!!! POOR DUDE!!... He also broke some ribs. Anyway, we were able to talk to him and his family for a little bit. He isn't quite sure what to believe because of what he thinks and also because he has seen a lot of other religions around the world.

Thursday – Knocked on more doors, FUN!!! We were able to find some people that might be interested. We were able to teach Melissa, she was a Jehovah Witness but she doesn't want her kids to grow up with that. She really liked what we shared/taught her, she thinks that its really cool for us to leave our families for 2 years to teach. We also had these AWESOME ENCHILADES for dinner!!!! They were SOOOO GOOOD!! :) We have been eating in "Mini Provo" lately, which is the place full of young families going to law school, medical school.

Friday - We helped at the Red Cross again, we were helping them move boxes and had to count all the bags in them. We also were able to help an older dude who is having health problems move a new dryer in for him. We pretty much did service for the day and had to weekly plan which took like 2 hours so most of our day was taken up by this.

Saturday-We taught 3 lessons!!! Thats the best we have done the whole time we have been here. We were able to teach Tyler and Shelby again. They have kind of been ignoring us and not answering their phones but I guess they have been "too busy". But on our way to their house, we were driving and got stopped by 4 trains!!! We waited for like 20 mins for all the trains to go by, We would wait for one to pass then go down like a block or two and would have to wait for another train. But when we finally got to their house, they were unlocking their doors and going in because they just got back from shopping.... Pretty cool how things work :)

Sunday- I HAD TO TALK IN SACRAMENT!!! SCARY!!! I only had an hour to prepare because he called me the day before and I could only work on it during Personal Study and the little free time I had... it was ok I guess, I only took like 6 mins but hey who cares :). We went and ate lunch after church at Tyler's and we had spaghetti, they made enough food to feed the whole army. They just DUMPED it on our plates, then they took them when we were almost done and DUMPED another scoop on it... Lets just say we didn't have dinner that night we ate so much...

So my week has been better, I enjoyed the box dad sent me, Those thermal garments are keeping me toasty!! They are good. That's also cool that Elder Cortez's mom emailed you. (his companion) His family seems really nice.

Anyway, have a fun week!
 p.s I have been in a 2013 Camaro, a jacked up Jeep with HUGE tires, an old white piece of crap car that had no rear suspension, that was a bumpy ride!! AND a 2013 or 2014 Ford Super Duty Diesel ( I'm pretty sure we jumped the train tracks in it)

Love: Elder Searle