Monday, December 9, 2013


Mom,  I'm going to answer your questions real quick. We go to the library on P days to email. It is a HUGE library as we are sitting on the second floor right now. It is SOOOOO cold!!!!  It has been around -15F this week and the wind is sooo cold. Its miserable out here to tell you the truth. I am around a Wal-Mart, Target, Subway, Pepperjax, Buffalo Wild Wings ( member took us there already!!) Quackers, and pretty much everything else. My companion is from Cali and he has never seen snow before so its SUPER cold for him. I will be able to skype on Christmas. We are going to a SUPER cool members house that day for dinner and remember that I'm an hour ahead here.

I'm going to try to sum up everything I did this week. Its really hard to think because I'm trying to hurry and type everything before my hour is up. There is a counter on the computer screen and it stresses me out. So this week we did a lot of walking in the FREEZING cold and snow. We finally got snow last night and it made the roads really icy. It is too cold to ride bikes so we are walking when we don't have our car which sucks because we have to walk a little over a mile up and down these hills. So we were able to do service at the Red Cross a couple of days ago. They had an ambulance  full of boxes and we had to take them out and stack them up in piles. It took about 2 hours to do.

We have only really been teaching one person and his name is Tyler. He is married to Shelby and she is a member. What's funny is,  the person who is feeding us and letting us skype on Christmas are Shelby's parents and they are really nice. They have their own catering business and they cook some MEAN food! We ate there last night and had Mexican food. Anyway Tyler is coming along, we are going to teach him on Thursday so hopefully that goes well.

We went and ate at Quackers on Tuesday because they have endless wings that day. Travis would love eating there because they have cars hanging up and they play rock and roll music. They have it look like we are eating in a big car garage so its really cool. We met a member in the ward named Shawn. He has been off his mission for 2 or 3 years now. He is really funny and chill. He has been taking us out lately and driving us around when we don't have a car.   We have meals for every day this month but one I think. And the member we are living with lets us eat all of his food too so we are taken care of very well. Other then that, we spent our days walking in the cold and knocking on doors. We really just have to knock on doors because the Elders before us didn't leave us much and they were really lazy.

It is sooo cold here! I'm wearing everything I have but the cold still gets to you. My face is completely numb after just a few minutes of being outside. Its hard trying to teach people on what I know is true and having them just tear you apart. I have had two guys that just tore us apart and tell us how stupid we are and that we are wasting our time out here. It sucks not being able to see/talk to you guys. I have also noticed how much I miss watching Sunday football all the time. :) I really didn't think that would be an issue. I'm trying my best to look on the bright side but that had been really hard to do.

It's just A LOT harder then what I thought it would be. Makes me realize that I wish I had spent less time on the computer and more time doing things with the family. I had no idea that I would be missing football and watching Parker play all of his games.

I forgot to mention that we had our ward Christmas party this week. We had a less active come, she is really poor right now and before she left we made sure that she took home LOTS of food. It was a cool program. We missed some of the program because we took Rebecca and her friend for a tour of the church before they left since they mostly came for the food... :P Our church is at the stake center that looks EXACTLY like ours!! Its crazy, I get these flash backs all the time when I'm by the stake pres office.

 I've just been focusing on the positive side and trying not to give up. I think my time is about up on the computer, the fastest hour EVER is when I'm emailing. Anyway take care and I love you all.
Love, Elder Searle
We received this cute picture in the mail with his mission president, Brother and Sister Weston. They are from Logan and Brendan LOVES them!!!