Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What's up world?

Zoe Anne Weston's photo.
Elder Searle and his companion Elder Cortez at Christmas Zone Conference

Dear Family
Waz up? I'm cold... It’s  -10 here right now.... ITS COLD!!!
So I'm just going to go through my days and just tell what I did each day since thats easier to do.
Monday - Just normal P-day stuff, We played our Pokemon game again since its the greatest game ever!
Tuesday - We went and did our white elephant shopping at the Goodwill here, I got some creepy looking clown that plays music when you turn it on. It’s really scary, we had to put it in the corner of the room because neither of us liked looking at it. We then tried to do service there but they wouldn't let us, We then went to the main Salvation Army place where they have their church and school and we did service there. We helped move all the toys they had in a room and went and organized them in the gym according to age. They have a Christmas shopping trip thing where families can come and pick out certain things for free. They had A LOT of toys  We also went back on Saturday  and helped take the families around,
Wednesday - We walked in the middle of town like all day. We were trying to meet less active members but no one was home. I think we walked like 15 miles that day...We did go and meet with a less active. He really seems to like us but not sure if he has time to read the Book of Mormon or pray or anything. Hopefully we can go back and teach him more before he moves out with his friend.
Thursday - We had our Christmas zone conference with our zone and another zone, it went from  8am - 5pm. It was really cool and each district had to do a song or a skit so we  sang Silent Night.
Friday- We got a referral to go see this older dude who just moved into our ward. He lost his wife a few months ago and he REALLY wants to be sealed to her in the Temple so we are going to help him get there.

Saturday - We helped a lady move out of her trailer home, she has been there for 30 years and she had a lot of stuff!!
Sunday - We went around after church and shoveled snow for people for about 2 hours. We were able to meet the Belts, the wife just got back from the hospital for the second time this week. She has some infection and they are trying to get rid of it. She asked if we could give her a blessing so we were able to do that. She doesn’t believe everything about the church but she knew that the blessings really do work.
So ya, here is my week, I'm trying to save stuff to talk about when we Skype on CHRISTMAS!!! :D
Love Elder Searle