Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Temple Trip

What's up family and friends?!

Had a slower week than I would have liked but it was still good. Going to talk about the main couple three highlights of the week.

Had zone training and the temple trip so had a good time there, especially at the temple. I'm so thankful that I have one close enough that I can go to every other transfer pretty much!

We also got in and are able to do some service at a library that's up by the projects. The lady over the volunteer work is pretty cool and so happy to actually have some strong men to help out that's not your normal high school kids that need service. So they tested us on organizing books and then we just had to go put them on shelves. We will be going there every Wednesday and we will just start doing more and more so it should be pretty legit.

Went over the Ericson's because for the mini missions, they made food from their mission. Since he went to Brazil he made some Feijoada and some Terere/Chimarro. The terere is a drink and it's different but good.

Yesterday was our P-day, we went and played volleyball all day and I was soooooo sore! But it was fun, we just get to email today and then back to work.

One funny little story, we saw a black guy going through a dumpster and cutting wires and stuff and my companion kept walking by so I followed. Then I was like, let's go and talk to him, so as we were walking back to him he started singing and dancing, it was so funny!! He kept singing and wouldn't answer any of our questions so we left. Pretty funny!!

That was pretty much my week, hopefully this week will be better because it's been pretty slow. Grrr!! No one likes a slow weeks but we will keep our heads up and keep pushing through this cold! :)

Love, Elder Searle

 youth in their ward doing mini-missions
 Temple trip

companion Elder Bywater