Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mouse in the house

Dear Family,

So this week we had something pretty much every day, so that made the week fly by.

Monday was P-day and that always goes by way too fast!

Tuesday we took Artis and Bud to the Trail Center, Artis just turned 86 and Bud is 83, Bud is SOOO funny! The sister that was giving us the tour was trying so hard not to laugh, but my companion and I were. We then watched the hour long Joseph Smith Restoration video with them and then they took us out to eat at the taco house.

Wednesday we had a district meeting and the zone leaders wanted me to go there but we were finally having dinner with this cool family that just moved into our ward and I didn't want to miss it, so I got to stay here, so that was fun.

We got a text that day from a recent convert who was baptized back in October, she wanted to know if we could come to the Omaha Court House at 4pm and be the witnesses for her wedding. I was here on exchanges and we had to ask the AP's if we could go....they wouldn't let us go. I was bummed because that would have been awesome to be a witness at a wedding while on my mission.

That night we were upstairs in our house and I was eating my super expensive, over priced grapes and this mouse comes running out and ran under our fridge! We still have the little guy running around! We put out all of these traps and that mouse has eaten all the peanut butter off every one of the traps for THREE NIGHTS NOW!! That little  guy is getting fat off of everything we are feeding him, my comp is sick of it so we are going to go buy a mouse trap that actually goes off when the mouse eats the food off of it!

Thursday we had interviews with President Weston, it went well

Friday we had dinner with this super cool family that has been feeding us a lot lately. They are pretty funny and have 2 kids, the little girl is 4 and the little boy is 3. The little girl has started calling me her "Big Teddy Bear", which is pretty cool. At the end of dinner the little girl said "I love Big Teddy Bear!" They sat behind us at church yesterday and both kids kept poking me and wanted me to play with their toys. :)

Saturday we were outside literally all day, we tilled a garden and weed eated. We then just walked around trying to talk to people. We went and talked to this one dude that we talked to once before. We attempted to teach him the first lesson, but he kept showing us how well he knew the Bible. He also kept asking us if we could see and if the lighting was's wasn' was pretty dark, but he brought up the lighting like 68412 times.

We had dinner with an older lady this night and we catch a ride with an older guy who comes and eats with us. He used to be a truck driver, but now he's just older and shouldn't be driving anymore...but he does. If we weren't missionaries, we would have died at least 12 times now. We at dinner but there was hardly any food, so on the way home the guy asked if we were still hungry, because he was! We stopped and he bought us dinner at Village Inn, so we had 2 meals that night...pretty awesome! :)

The temp is starting to get up there, it's 105 with the humidity that's fun.

I love you all!

Love Elder Searle