Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July City

Dear Family,

Had an awesome and fun week last week. Started off the week by going to Grand Island to meet our new mission president, President Gardner and his wife and they are awesome! He is huge into the scriptures and memorizing them so I bet we will be starting that really really soon. They seem more talkative than the Weston's. 

Thursday we were able to go eat at the Vavra's. Glad to see that we are getting in with them more often now and how the dad is starting to open up to us.

Friday we went up to Dwight and helped move a family out. They had so much stuff!! Who needs 9 couches? No one, it's just you and your husband. We helped out for about 5 hours and then Elder Hansen started packing, so that was our day. Most of the week has just been saying bye to people and doing what Elder Hansen wants to do. We did go with Cameron one day, he's someone that we haven't been able to actually go inside and talk with him for quite a while. We just mostly see how he's doing on his doorstep, but we shot off some fireworks with him. We probably shouldn't have, but thought we'd be ok. Well, Elder Hansen was lighting a sparkler and it shot right into his hand, he has a pretty good burn mark from it.

So the 4th of July!!! It was crazy in Seward! Sooooo many people and things just everywhere! So we got in and saw the fire trucks having their water fight but we just drove by it. We started out on The Square and noticed they had an auto show that took up 4 blocks, us being boys....we got sucked right in and started going around it.  They had so many cool cars, I took a few pics seeing how Travis will like them.  Then we went to the air show and on our way over we realized that we missed the bed races...we were soooo sad!! We did see a couple three trailers go by and they had legit frames with some big old bed wheels on them. Looked like it was a lot of fun, but we missed it.

At the airshow we got to see a Maserati race a plane, which the plane won. Got to see a guy land his plane on the top of an SUV and got to watch a Mustang fly, so that was cool. Then we just walked around and watched the madness and how crazy Seward was. We watched the Grand Parade with the Hensley's and they had some funny things in the parade. One thing that Seward does is that they go to the gas station that is by the freeway and they in short..."kidnap" a family and just stick them in the parade. So this truck went through the parade that just said "tourist family" and the family was just having a blast throwing out candy. That was pretty funny. I guess sometimes they get a crazy and out of control family, but this one was pretty normal. Their faces were pretty priceless the whole time. I got a couple of pictures of the random stuff in the parade.

Oh one thing that was funny was a guy was walking in the parade in an American Flag Speedo and sunglasses and was walking while holding an American flag, it was super funny and so random. He totally looked like a part of the parade. Well, then a police officer was following him on his bike and he started running down the parade, passing the other people, so clearly he wasn't supposed to be in the parade. :)

Then we went to Branch Oak Lake and went and hung out with Brandy and her family for a bit. They are so funny and awesome and we just ate some food and talked and had a good time. I can't wait until I can go camping and just hang out at a lake again. Elder Hansen is sure going to miss her and all of the Foodnet crew, they are so awesome and we all just give each other a lot of crap! I'm really going to miss Elder Hansen, I have been with him longer than any other companion. I'll be with the Young Single Adult Elder just till Friday when I get my new companion, so not too long. I'm pretty sure I will stay here in Milford, they don't like to replace both missionaries in an area.

I think that is about it, I will be with the YSA Elder and for Family Home Evening tonight we are going to play board games and have banana splits, so an all day P-day pretty much! :)

Love you all!
Elder Searle

 Taylor and I

 Kole and I

 Hensley kids


 Brandy with Elder Searle and Elder Hansen

 coconut custard pie I made!!

 4th of July parade and car show pics for my brother Travis