Monday, March 31, 2014


Dear Family,

So this week, it seems like we didn't do anything, like really. We did service for a few people, we tilled up a garden, we fixed a fence and we raked some leaves. I went on exchanges with the Kanesville Elders, I went to their area with Elder Sellers. We saw 3 people, the first stop, they had 2 cats, the next stop had 4 cats and the last stop had 8 cats...I told Elder Sellers, if we go to another house and they have 16 cats then I am was good. The people with 8 cats are huge gamers. So I got the husband to come out and actually talk to us because I was talking about Wow and LoL (World of Warcraft & League of Legends) So that was kinda fun! Elder Sellers said that's the first time that the husband has actually come out to I made some progress! :D

Keowa's baptism will be on April 12th so that's exciting, it was set for the 5th, but his mom wasn't able to come so he moved it to the following Saturday. His mom also came to church with him yesterday and she really seemed to enjoy it, Elder Daines was sitting by her and said that she had some tears. She then told us that she will make an organized list of questions she has for us. She didn't say anything about her Pastor being there so hopefully we are making progress!

We set another lady for baptism for May 3rd, they have been taught for about 4-5 years now, she has been set for baptism before, she just never comes to church. SO hopefully she decides to start coming.

So, super warm weather today, it's like 70 with a nice breeze. We had studies outside on the deck, then we jumped up on the roof and enjoyed the sunlight. Need to enjoy it before it gets too hot and your swimming in your own sweat!!

So yep, here's my week! :)

Love Elder Searle