Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crazy Weather

Dear Family,

So while getting a little sunburned this week and enjoying the nice weather, it decides to get cold again and snow! This week was great, but trying to put everything we did in an email just doesn't work, since I can't put a lot of the experiences into words, that, and some of it's just silly stuff that wouldn't make sense unless you were there.

Monday, played games with the Kanesville Elders

Tuesday we pretty much did service all day, we picked up a TON of sticks and branches that fell into a members yard, so that took quite a while.. We also deep cleaned our car, mostly because we had an hour and a half until we had to go more service and we didn't want to switch back into our white shirts. The lady that we helped said that she had something in her yard that would stick to her dog, so the dog wouldn't walk on the grass. She wanted us to rake her whole yard and we thought we were doing a good job getting all of these little things picked up...until we decided to look at them closely. We found out that it was just rabbit poop, it made her happy though.

Wednesday- we walked :/

Thursday- we also walked a lot, we decided to walk to an area that is by the library, which is about a 2 hour walk. The weather was super nice this day, I got sunburned! So we were walking and Elder Daines found a pinwheel on our path, he decided to pick it up and put it in his backpack, he had it sticking out so the pinwheel would spin above his backpack. We got the most attention this day! We had people honking, waving, we even found a potential investigator because of the pinwheel. We were just walking and a dude out smoking saw the pinwheel and asked where we got it. One thing led to another and we taught him a little bit. We told the zone leaders that they need to talk to the mission president and tell him to invest in some pinwheels! That was our fun for the day, we have some super spiritual times, I promise we don't just walk around and goof off. :)

Friday-we taught Keowa again, he decided he wants to be baptized on April 5th so that is sweet!
We've taught him everything so now we just hope and pray it will all work out. After teaching him, our ward was having a cake auction fundraiser for the Young Women and were having a free dinner, so of course we were there! They started to auction off the cakes so I decided to throw in some bids just for fun, even though some went for $50-$80 bucks, we thought at this rate, we might be able to buy a cupcake and split it 3 ways. We finally bought a cake for $15, it was one of the lowest cakes to sell, I couldn't tell if no one wanted it, or if everyone just felt bad for the missionaries. So my companion and I and Keowa bought a cake and were able to enjoy it. :)

Saturday-we knocked on this one door and two teenagers answered, they said to come back next week, so we left and knocked on the next door. Someone showed up to the house that we were just told to come back next week and he yelled at us to come back. So we went back and turns out he was drunk. We were talking to him for a bit and 3 teenagers that were there came out and we talked to them. They were smoking some weed so they were a little up there. We had 2 of them crying, I have no clue why they were crying. They got talking to us and they seem cool. We are going back sometime next week to see them again, hopefully they won't be high or drunk.

Sunday-we went and saw Grandma (in investigator) and talked to her for a bit, she is helping her daughter with her kids, they all live in the same house. We left them some Ensign magazines and hopefully the kids will go to Young Women and Young Men's.

Love Elder Searle