Monday, May 5, 2014

1 week until Skyping!

So this week hasn't been very interesting, one thing that happened was, that recall they had on the Cruze's affected our car and it turns out that we did have the problem with the axle. So for the past 4 days we have had a rental car, which is still a Cruze but it's a 2014 one. But the cool thing is, we have a 2500 mile limit with the rental and it doesn't have a Tiwi in it!!!! No stupid little box that yells at you! It has been sooo nice!! Too bad Elder Daines and I can't drive, the Kanesville Elders took it in and they are the only two signed under it...kinda sucks, but it's good at the same time. We would probably just drive it all over if we had it!

It's so weird to not have a Tiwi box in the car because we just drive till Tiwi says "check your speed" then we slow down a bit, now we have to actually watch and see how fast/slow we are going. We have just been getting rids and going places that are further out. What's going to be nice is when we actually get our car back, we will have even more miles because we haven't driven it for 4 days! :)

We did go to a dinner at a Methodist Church, one of the senior couples bought tickets for everyone, so the Kanesville Elders and all of us went. It was different being there and no one wanted to talk to us, they just avoided us, which was kinda funny, but at least we got free food! We also gave a church tour to an elderly lady.

Anyway, I'm emailing pretty fast today, we are trying to hurry because we still have the rental car so we are going shopping. We are also going fishing in our Stake Pres. backyard, he has his own little pond with fish so we are doing that today too.

So yep, another not so super exciting email..sorry. Next weeks letter won't be long either seeing how we would have just talked for Mother's Day and it's Elder Daines last week of his mission so we will be going around saying bye to people.

I gotta go, the other Elders are waiting on me...Hope all is going well and I can't wait to actually TALK to you guys on Mother's Day!!

Love you!
Elder Searle