Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day!

Dear Family,

So I'm just going to talk about Sunday, Mother's Day, since it was by far the BEST DAY EVER!! So the best thing of course was Skyping with my family.  Awesome to see and talk to everyone, everyone looks about the same, except Brianna looks grown up, Trav looks the same, Little P is just a goof, mom looks good in her new glasses and Papi has a little more grey in his hair. :P

After we Skyped, we went and saw the Keller's, the Bishop's family, so Elder Daines could say good-bye and get some pictures. We then went and had dinner with a member, which was good and then everything started getting dark and green.

We got just the edge of the storm but it was AWESOME!! The lightening was just crazy and I have never seen it so dark and green before. I know my stuff about tornadoes and I know what to do because I used to watch Storm Chasers, so I'm pretty pro. :)

Elder Daines and I took the rental car so we could Skype, so we drove into the storm a bit just to get the feel of what's it like. We were on our way to pick up the other Elders in Kanesville and we got hit hard! Rain was coming down like crazy, power was out by their apartment and it was just like driving in a river, going down a road!

We weren't being stupid...don't worry, but it was SO fun to just be in it! There really isn't any damage here, at least what we have seen so far, but I guess it hit pretty hard in some areas. So yep...that's how my Mother's Day went! :)

Love, Elder Searle