Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week of Service

So this week has been full of service, we didn't even wear our white shirts for two days. We spent 3 days putting up a fence and building a gate, we helped with some other Elders move someone, mowed lawns, re-did a flower bed and filled holes in the ground. We also had meetings all day Sunday so we didn't do much that day.

I have to call and make an appointment with the Chevy dealer here because of the recent recalls with the Cruzes, so I will get that set up, then I have to report to the Senior Missionary that is over all the cars. I needed to call him anyway because we got a chip at the very top of our windshield, which you couldn't see while we are sitting in the car, but it cracked more last night...all the way to the now I have to tell him that, not looking forward to that. But I guess I'm in charge of the car since I get everything dealing with the car mailed to me. Well, this shows how awesome my week was when I talk more about the car, than what I did for the week! lol

We did hear there were tornadoes and we have all been praying for them to just wipe out most of our area! lol (no one hurt of course) This place just needs to be leveled and just start over. It's pretty bad.

I can't wait to Skype on Mother's Day! I'm super excited to you show you guys this super sexy tan line from my watch! LOL It's soooo bad, I just laugh when I see it. :) Can't wait to see and hear you guys on Mother's Day!!!

Love Elder Brendan Searle