Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Week

Dear Family,

So on Monday, we played in the gym with two Elders, Elder Tatafu from Tonga and his companion. They are serving in the YSA ward here and are super funny. They are really good at it and none of us really wanted to play against them because we know the ball is going to smash us in the face sooner or later. We then went and helped Mike again. We went to help him clean his help, he had someone coming over to check on him and see how his house was for his daughter, so he wanted it clean. We helped him do the dishes and clean up everything. He painted his room blue, well like 94% of it, and so we had to move everything back into there, he then said we would have to come finish it sometime.

Tuesday-We were with Maranda, we helped her with her seminary stuff and had a good time. We then went and tried a referral we got named Jeff. He is pretty cool, he had been meeting with the sister missionaries in another area, but then moved here. He got the house his mom lived in and she passed away, so he is remodeling it and moving everything around. We are going back to his place this week, which will be fun because he wants to knock some walls down and make rooms bigger. We also went and played our ultimate Frisbee with that ward, which we do every Tuesday night.

Wednesday-we did service for a lady in our ward, we had to throw crap (literally) into her garden and till it up for her. Her garden was pretty big and she had this tiny little tiller that had to be plugged in, so it took a while.

Thursday- was a super slow day, we finally gave up and went and helped Maranda with her seminary stuff again.

Friday-we had a progressive dinner so we got to go to other people's houses for food. It was great! What's better than not having to knock on doors and just go house to house eating food? We ate so well and had a lot more than what we should have.

Saturday-someone Elder Daines taught in Grand Islands got sealed in the temple, and we were invited to go. It was super neat, we went to the endowment session with them, and got to see them be sealed as a family. It was soooo neat to be there. It was sweet when they brought the two little kids in, who were all stylish in their white tux and bowties and be sealed to their parents. It was just awesome to see the kids be sealed. Coolest experience ever!! I also put my two grandma's names on the prayer roll.  Then that night we had a little going away party for Wayne who is leaving next week for BYU. We had a bonfire going and roasted hot dogs and roasted marshmallows and played Frisbee. It was a pretty epic day!

Sunday-We went to the Whatcotts again to have an Easter lunch/dinner/feast. They are the ones who fed us for Christmas. We ate super well! Steaks, chicken, potato enchilada stuff, it was so good. They had their family over so we got to play with them. It was raining hard when we left so we walked to the bishop's house and finished off our night at their place.

Thanks for the Easter tie, Grandpa would be proud of me because I told him I would never wear a yellow tie! lol

I wear the same thing everyday, the only choice I get to make is "what color of tie should I wear today?" Right now I'm wearing my green tie that Elder Schofield gave me. I guess a good website for ties is  A lot of missionaries get their ties from there.

Anyway, I gotta go!!

Love Elder Searle