Sunday, June 1, 2014

Holy Hot!

Dear Family,

Hey hey, what's up everyone? So this week we are starting to get the feel of what summer will be like. It hasn't been super hot yet, but the humidity has been getting up there. Everything just starts to stick to you a bit and I hate that feeling.

This week has been a good mix of service and seeing the same person over and over again. One of the service projects that we did were we went and helped the Kanesville Elders move someone out. I have never seen this flight of stairs in my life...their garage was on the road and their garage had an upstairs, and looking at the house from the road the house was only a few feet higher up than the top of the garage...and on top of that, they asked which one of us Elders was the strongest and everyone just looked at me...I'm not complaining about that, SO, I ended up helping one of the dudes there move all the heavy stuff out like their treadmill, exercise bike, big dressers etc. We got doughnuts for our service and it took a good 7 hrs. to move everyone out of their old house into their new house. Good thing their new house hardly had any stairs!

We saw Keowa like 3 times this week. The first time we were just talking and getting to know each other and by that I mean Elder Martinez and him. We then all got together again the next day and had Maranda come, it was fun to go back to the good old days with all of us together again.

I can't think of anything else awesome that we did this week, we did a good amount of walking, I finally had to go buy new soles for my shoes...seeing how 1/4 of it wasn't even there anymore. So yep, I guess this is some of what we did, I'm sure there is more but I can't think of anything off the top of my head...

Love, Elder Searle