Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hello World

Dear Family,

I'm going to keep it short and simple this week because that's always the best way to do things. The weather got super awesome again. We actually got hail this time but only the size of ping pong balls here, up in Blair they got baseball to softball size hail that wiped out all the Ford trucks at a dealership, that just goes to show those trucks suck. :P We actually got caught in it because I like to storm chase. We spent like 2 hours at a members place who fed us dinner, right when we showed up, their power went out and we were stuck there for a bit until the storm calmed down. Right when it calmed down, we just high tailed it home, we went to bed early, which was super, super nice.

So people we saw this week, we saw Keowa and taught him about patriarchal blessings, he is doing awesome and he will get his when he is done reading the Book of Mormon. He is almost done with it, which is awesome! We also met with another couple and we hooked them up with the No Smoking Program to try to help them stop smoking and to stop chewing. These were really our only cool things that happened this week. Kinda a slow week, we did meet a new investigator so hopefully we can get back with him.

Yep, that is about for p-day we got together with a bunch of other missionaries and played volleyball, it was super fun and I'm actually starting to get ok with at it. We played that for 3 hours and then at the library here, only a few computers were working so we had to wait until one of them opened up.

Well, gotta go!! Love ya!

Elder Searle