Tuesday, June 24, 2014


So I've got to keep this email short, don't have a lot of time. Today for P-day, we played volleyball for like 4 hours and it was awesome. Elder Chappell in the Council Bluffs Ward is going home this week, so we had a lunch party after playing volleyball, so that was fun! We then went fishing at the Stake Pres. place and that was awesome! They took us out in a 9 seat Razor and he had some different cars in his garage this time. I didn't have my camera on me, so that was sad, he had some older cars that were decked out in there.

I saw my first fireflies this week!! They are awesome! Elder Martinez and I were waiting for the Kanesville elders and he was like "why are there green lights flashing everywhere?" Then we realized they were fireflies, so that was cool. More and more are starting to come out and they are awesome to watch!

I poked a cactus and got those pointy things in my fingers, that wasn't the smartest thing to do but we were able to teach Keowa a bit because we stopped by his place and I asked him if he had some tweezers I could use.

We also had a full day of service on Saturday with the Kanesville elders, we helped someone move in and someone move out and that took all day, we then helped someone move a piano.

Pretty much this was my week, in just a shorter version. :) Well got to go, sorry it was so short today, I will do better next week! :D

Love, Elder Searle