Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Transfer #6

Dear Family,

So...I am staying in Council Bluffs, there is now a 95% chance of me leaving after this transfer. Missionaries usually stay in their first area for 8 1/2 months. This week has been different, pretty much a first time for just about everything this week. Here are some of the things that happened...

To start off, Elder Schofield got transferred out. He has been in Kanesville since I came to Greenview. It was really weird seeing him go. I pretty much consider him my mission mom since he has seen me grow up out here. Your mom is usually the person that takes you out your first day, but I didn't have one since I got here on Thanksgiving, so I consider Elder Schofield my mom. He is a District Leader out in Omaha now so that will be cool for him. I got some pics before he took off that I was going to upload, but I forgot to bring my bag in the library. We also don't have much time today because we just spent a while at Longhorn Steak House, the stake pres paid for the 10 elders here that go play volleyball on P-days...he paid for our lunch there. :)

I think it was Thursday, we had two strange things happen, one was a lady that seemed kinda crazy, she was telling us all about something personal her son needed surgery on...they tell you EVERYTHING here! That night we had a cop come up to us and rip us a good one. We thought he was going to ask us who was setting off the fireworks, since they are illegal here, but he just went on how he was going to arrest us if he sees us in that area again, he swore like no other too. Being arrested on a mission would make a great story!! :P

Another day, Elder Martinez was driving, since he is suppose to learn the area and we got stuck in a huge mud puddle. He couldn't get us out so he climbed in the back seat of the car and I scooted over to the driver's side and I got us out. I got a pic of the car...Travis would be proud how much mud we got on the car! We had to go wash the car first with the self-wash, then we went to the car wash and washed it.

I didn't talk much about the people that we are working family did come to church so that was cool. We also had the most lessons since Elder Martinez came here so that was also cool!

I think we will have to be in early on the 4th of July, unless a super cool family keeps us and we get to do fireworks with them. :D

We have had a few rainstorms, nothing too bad here. You will get to see how AWESOME the weather here looks, especially the lightening!! I have some great videos on my SD card for you guys.

Anyway, I got to go, hopefully you guys have a good 4th!!

I love it here!!
Love yall!!