Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Temple Trip

Dear Family,

To start off my week, I got sick, so that's always a blast. My companion got a cold from a member that gave us a ride on Saturday and he got sick on Sunday. Then I got sick towards the end of Monday, I'm still full of snot but that's about it.

On Tuesday, the family that fed us decided to just bring dinner to us and we could eat at a park. So we ate at Baylis Park which is always interesting. You have to scout the place out first because strange stuff happens there sometimes. So anyways, we had a really good dinner and at the end of it, this dude just came up and hugged us and was all shaking our hands and we had no clue who he was. He had on no shirt, but he had a leather biker vest on and torn up pants. He was all on us and was like "What's up my brothers!" I guess the sisters met him walking to their apartment and talked to him for a bit, we got talking to him and he is King of the Park. He also said he has ran this block for 48 years now and he was King of Everything! We gave him some leftover food and then he just took off, so that was interesting.

We also had exchanges this week, I had Elder A come here with me. He is from the Philippines and he brought all his food with him for ALL his food. I guess he wanted to make sure he had food?? He was only with me half the day, we went over and saw M and he wanted us to help clean up his clean the toilets and scrub the floors...let me tell you, that was a blast!

On Friday we were able to go to the temple, so you can tell already that this day was awesome. We decided to go down to Omaha and eat lunch with some of the other Elders. We ate at Pepper Jax's and I got to talk to Elder Schofield the whole time, which was awesome! It was good to see him again.

By the way, I hate driving in Omaha, scares the crap out of me! There were 5 of us that tried to fit in our little Barbie car we drive, but at least we were smart enough to put the two bigger guys in the front and I had to drive! City driving sucks!

After the temple, our ward was having a ward pool party, so we decided to show up, since they had food and that was our dinner. The only missionary from this ward came home early because he and 3 others had been sick for months. He was serving in Russia so we talked to him and compared how things were done there to here. We are actually having dinner with him tonight so we will get to talk to him some more.

On Saturday we helped a family move all their big stuff, since they weren't moving far, we just loaded up the truck they had. Guess what we moved......yep...a piano! I think that's all we do is move pianos. My companion and I did most of the work, there was the coolest black kid I've ever met named Omar there. He's 12 and has The Coolest Name Ever!! We just yelled OMAR like the whole time and he'd come over and help, super cool kid!

Sunday night I got a call from Elder MTC companion and we got to talk. It was super cool to hear from him, we have both have been in our same areas the whole time and it was good to talk to him.

Today we went and had breakfast with my companions grandparents..yep,  his grandparents are on their way to their mission to Missouri and they asked our mission pres if they could come and see us. It was really good for my companion to see them. At the end I was taking pictures of them and his grandma was like "OH, COME HERE!" and gave me a big ol' that was really nice.  :)

So there's my week, gotta go!

Love, Elder Searle