Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Best/Worst/Strangest Week

Dear Family,

So we stopped by the other day at the library and they were having a 75th anniversary party for Batman! We got a goodie bag with a Batman mask, tattoos, bookmark, poster and buttons! lol

It has been a really good week for us, we taught 13 lessons, which is the most Elder Martinez and I have had together, we found 3 new investigators and set two people for baptism. It has also been the hottest week ever. It got up to 115* one day and another day was 120*. It was sooooo hot that we were swimming in our sweat.

To start off our week, we were teaching one of our new investigators the Plan of Salvation, it went really well, then afterwards, my companion and I decided to go up to the top floor of his apartment to look out and see the view. So we took the elevator up and found an exit, we walked out and we were on the fire escape looking out, Martinez followed me out and he closed the door behind us. Well....we looked and there wasn't a door handle on the outside, so we locked ourselves out on a little, tiny fire escape on the 8th floor of this apartment building. We were TOTALLY noticeable and these people at the park, which was right there, were looking and pointing at us. So we slowly made our way down these rusty stairs that seemed to be floating. We finally made it down to the ground and the people at the park started clapping for us....we just jumped in our car and got out of there! It was a good little story to tell at least! :)

Then, we came back another day to to talk to this same investigator the next lesson. He has some water damage in his apartment, so his roof has this big hole in it and little pieces have been falling in. So we were teaching him and we were in the middle of asking him if he would like to be baptized and this huge chunk fell out of that hole and scared the shark out of both of us! Elder Martinez jumped out of his chair it scared him so bad! The guy did somewhat commit, so that's good!

Then on Friday, it was SOOO HOT!! I have never had sweat come from just about everywhere on my body. Our ties were even dripping sweat. We were drinking so much water that it was just crazy. We had people drive by and give us drinks. One dude stopped and gave us Monsters, one guy stopped and gave us these tall cans of Coke and he couldn't believe that we come out and walk on days like these. We also had two other people stop and give us water bottles, so that was good.

One more thing....remember that mouse that we have been trying to catch for like a week now? Yep.....we still can't get that darn thing and we finally gave up. Hopefully it will hurt himself on that sticky glue trap that he somehow got off of and hopefully we killed him with all the food we gave him, but who knows!!

I gotta run!

Love you all!!

Elder Searle