Thursday, August 7, 2014

Possibly My Last Week in Greenview

So as my header says, I am 97.3% sure that I will be transferred this Friday. President Weston likes us to stay in our first area for 8+ months, and I'll hit that. But I guess there have been people that have stayed another transfer so I guess we'll see what happens. I will find out on Thursday morning, it would be nice to see some place new, but it will be hard to leave some of the people behind....but it's all good.

So I have been asked if we have caught that mouse yet and the answer! We gave up on it because my companion has spent enough money on it. We told the guy that lives here that he has a mouse in the house and he said he'd do something about it, but he was back in the hospital, once again for health problems. Did he tell us that?? Nope, we found out from other members in the ward...this is like his third trip to the hospital, so hopefully he won't have to go back again.

I don't really have any cool stories this week, we did go on exchanges with the Bellevue Elders and Elder Jenkins came here with me, we had a good time.

We had Mike show up to church again! He is a less active and he showed up the last 20 min. of church. Go Mike!!

We had intense lightening and thunder storm Saturday night. It was SOOO loud that it woke both of us up and it scared the crap out of Elder Martinez! It lit up everything!

I had s super good workout today, played a killer game of volleyball and 2 basketball games. My poor companion and I were just swimming in sweat! I'm pretty sure I lost like 4 lbs. just playing! I weighed myself and I keep losing weight. :)

We also got some cool t-shirts from a family in our ward, they have a 2 year old boy with a lot of health problems and isn't going to live much longer. They have set up a foundation and stuff for him. Since he won't be able to travel the world, they give out these free t-shirts that say "Jett Powered" and it has a guy flying a plane on it. All they ask is that you wear the shirt and somewhere in the world take a picture and email it to them. My companion and I took some selfies of us in our shirts....and I forgot to bring in my camera, so I'll have to post them next week.

Elder Searle