Monday, August 11, 2014

Bellevue 2nd Baby!!

Dear Family,

So yep, after almost 9 months in the same area...I finally got transferred. I really didn't move that far, just across the river. Bellevue 1st was in our district and zone so I went on exchanges there, but never here in Bellevue 2nd, which is in another zone. It's a military place here, they are all Air Force and the Offut Air Force Base is in our area.

Let me first start off by talking about my last few days in Greenview. The website went down that the church uses, so getting all the transfer info took longer than usual. It took a while before I heard that I was leaving.

I pretty much spent all Thursday packing, I had no clue that I had collected so much "stuff" while I was there. It was also really strange because I haven't had to move anywhere and seeing my area in the room all empty was really strange. Even Elder Martinez commented how strange it was.

We spent Thursday night going around and saying goodbye to people. Our dinner was cancelled so we went to our Bishop's house and had dinner with the Keller's and had a good time with them.

I texted some people and told them thank you for being legit and everything. I texted the family who has the little girl that calls me "Big Teddy Bear" and told her I was going to miss her. 

I also spent time with Keowa, he was the last person that I went and said goodbye too. We met him at Big Lake and just talked with him and he drove us around for one last time. I'm sure going to miss that kid, but he is pretty dang solid in the gospel so I don't need to worry about him. We talked about the good times we had was hard saying goodbye to him.

So now about Bellevue 2nd, everyone here is either in the Air Force, retired or has family in it. We have this whole military apartment complex in our area that his huge!! We can't knock or talk to anyone, but we can wave to people. It's really strange walking around and not being able to talk to people. But I like it here, it's pretty legit, although I haven't seen much of it yet.

On Saturday, my first full day in the area, we went with an Air Force dude and went and played ultimate frisbee at the Air Force Base. They have an entire hanger that is just for working out. I soooo wish I could get a picture of it, I've never seen more exercise equipment in my life! They have a few basketball courts, tennis courts, a play ground, soccer fields and a smoothie bar! They have a smoothie bar in the place!!!! The moment I walked in and saw everyone...I felt fat and way out of shape! LOL  We played on the huge soccer field and I sure got my workout for the day.

Most of the people aren't Mormons so swear words were flying like crazy and they are all super buff!! They also don't keep the place very cool, it's kept warm so you sweat everything off. 

I live in an apartment, it's actually really nice. They have an office area which is where I'm at right now emailing you guys. They have a weight room and really nice computers. 

I'm also going to ride a bike here....fat man on a bike!! LOL My companion has 2 so I will use one of them. It will take a few days to get used to riding a bike around, I haven't done that in years!! :) We are in a car share, but will be riding bikes most of the time. 

My new ward is pretty cook, smaller than my other ward and older. Elder Quayle is my new companion, he's from Idaho and has been out 18 months. He is pretty chill and is a funny dude.

I'm not sure what we are doing for p-day, I think we're going to play basketball and we need to do some shopping, but that's all I know. :)

Love you all!!

Love Elder Searle

 Telling Keowa bye

 Brendan's 1st baptism and great friend

 Elder Martinez & Elder Searle in their "Jett Powered" shirts for a little boy in their ward

Bishop Kellers family, they took such good care of Brendan and we are so appreciative of them and the love they gave to him. Thank you for taking such great care of him for 9 months, he's going to miss you guys!