Monday, March 2, 2015

New Chapter

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been full of.....packing, cleaning, closing our apartment, pinball machine, late nights, saying goodbyes, getting ready to send my companion home and a BAPTISM!!

The madness for the week started Tuesday night when we got a call saying that we needed to go to the mission office. We went there and the apartment lady gave us a paper saying that the lease on our apartment was up so we needed to pack and clean the place by Thursday. So we pretty much had only Wednesday to do all that stuff. We spent the entire day packing and cleaning, then had appointments from 4pm on. We stayed up until midnight cleaning, spent Thursday morning getting everything ready, had district meeting, then had the apartment people come with the trailer to load everything up. Then right after that, we went to the soup kitchen, then went straight to Shaunna's baptism. So very very busy/stressful day making sure everything was ready to go for the baptism and getting everything done. 

Guess I should mention that they aren't going to get us another apartment, so that means I am being transferred. Looks like they are taking Elders out of Bellevue 2nd, so we have been living with the Cottonwood Elders until Tuesday. I have been sleeping on a couch that is too small and my comp has been on the floor.They live in a member's home and have a pinball machine that we play. :)

Shaunna's baptism!! It went well and had a really good turnout. The Bellevue 1st Elders had a basketball game going on in the gym with 8 non-members and a few less actives and they brought them all in to watch the baptism. We had the whole row in the back filled with basketball players. It was pretty funny and really filled the room. I was able to baptize her and my comp, Elder Bywater was able to confirm her. It was really awesome and a great way to finish off my time in Bellevue 2nd. Shaunna even shed a couple of tears during her baptism and the confirmation. I had to choke my tears back because I'm still not too happy about leaving right after getting a baptism......

Saturday and Sunday were full of good byes to people. We got some awesome pics, one family makes their kids do Harley's (wall sits) as punishment, so we got a picture of all of us doing those. It looks like I will just be living out of my suitcase for a week. On Tuesday I drop off my companion at the mission office and then I will be put in the Ralston La Vista Ward until I find out where I'm going, which will be Thursday. Then I will be heading there on Friday. I am going to have to behave because Ralston is the president's ward. :O

So next week I will be in my new area, I guess it's finally time for me to move on. I have been here for 5 transfers so time to move on and hopefully I won't be killing off another companion. I've had 3 companions that I have killed (went home) and now I'm getting done with back to back ones so I'm kinda ready for a companion that isn't going to be talking about home all the time. :)

Take care everyone and I will email you from a new place next week!!

Since I won't know where I'm going, mom send my birthday box to the mission office. :)

Love you all!!

Elder Searle

missionaries going home, not sure why they call it dying off????