Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome To the Land of Corn

Dear Family,

Transfers were a thing last week and I got put in Seward! It is a branch like 30 min. west of Lincoln, I think. Anyway, drove to Lincoln and was like...holy cow this is going to be awesome!! I'm in the big city! Then I got my companion, Elder Hansen, he is the DL and goes home in 3 transfers, he is a really cool dude and we are getting along great! So then we drove to our area and it was just fields...and fields...and fields... EVERYWHERE!! I'm in the middle of nowhere!

We have like 10 towns that we cover, IT IS HUGE!!! We have so many miles! We live in a little town called Milford that is almost a half hour away from Seward. We don't even have a mailbox lol!! It's a PO box, Elder Hansen has been using it and he gets his mail.

Our apartment is actually a house that the basement got converted to an apartment and that's where we live. It's ghetto BUT I fixed the shower! I guess the shower hasn't been working for like months and everyone just thought that's how it was. It was like an old man peeing on no water whatsoever. So we borrowed some tools and I took the head off and the O ring was broken and was plugging most of the holes, so I just took the broken ring off and put it back on and BAM!! Our shower will actually get you wet. The people above us are really loud and have kids every other weekend so it's louder at those times.

Church experience! So my comp took me to go see the church and he was like "wait till you see the gym!" So I was guessing like half court? Half court with carpet? We pull up to the church and I'm like "we don't have a gym do we?" NOPE, it's way to small for a gym and it doesn't have an actual chapel either. It's so small but don't worry, we had 47 people at church! It's so different but everyone here is SUPER nice! One of them is a family that we helped put their new table and chairs together and then played basketball, it was so much fun!

We went to check our P.O box and this dude rolls up in his 8 wheeler tractor, just driving in the middle of town, parks like a normal car, gets out and walks into the barber shop....I'm so not in the city life anymore! :)

I got a pic of a dude moving or getting rid of a trampoline, it was a tiny truck and they just sat the trampoline on the top of the truck and drove down the road. We came into Lincoln on P-Day and saw a Maserati.

So for my birthday on Tuesday...we actually have Zone Conference so we will be going to Grand Island, which is an hour and a half away from us, so that will take our whole day. I'll be able to get my birthday packages that were sent to the mission office, so that will be cool. This next week should be full of adventures!

Love you all!!

Elder Searle

From Elder Hansen, Elder Searle's new companion-

OOOOO and for those of you who don't know....HE IS AN ASSASSIN!! He has killed 3 of his last 4 companions, the last 2 have been in a row....I fear for my mission life with this Elder. I fear that he will slay the Hansen in Seward! But it's ok, if I die by him that would be legit because he is super funny and fun. That was one thing he said "I want to have fun doing missionary work" and I was like...I think I can help with that. So that was awesome!!