Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sunny, Sunny, Summetime!!

Dear Family,

Hello from the fields of corn! This week has been full of driving, looking at corn, taking pictures, shaving a dog, going to Grand Island, eating chili dogs and meeting Merlin the Train Man.

For my birthday, I spent the whole day in Grand Island which really is clear out there. So that took all day, the zone leaders were the ones that drove us and afterwards took me to wherever I wanted to eat for my birthday, so we went to Olive Garden. So that was fun, the zone leaders left my packages at their place, so I didn't get my birthday packages until just a few hours ago, but I finally got them and the shirt does fit! :)

Met Merlin the Train Man and he reminded me of the train guy that lives across the street from Grandma and Grandpa, but like 10 times more. He has a whole track going around his kitchen and has a 10k train track he is building in his garage.

Met Mark and he collects like...everything...but we were outside talking to him and he was like "my dog needs a haircut like the other one, you guys want to help?" So I helped shave the dog, we forgot to get an after picture but we got a before one.

On Friday's, we help out at the Foodnet and what they do is, they get all the food that is about to expire from certain stores and the food from buffet tables. We help unload them from the vans in the morning, then at 3pm we go back and help set everything up on tables and at 5:30pm, anyone can come in and you can take whatever you need! So while helping, the helpers and us have a box and we pick what we want! So we get free food every Friday, which is awesome!

That's about all the fun we had this week, had a member take us out to see an older lady in a super small, dying town that took about an hour to drive to, then he decided to take the back roads back home and most of it was on a dirt road, so that took a while. Our phones died so they don't work anymore and we most likely won't get one till Friday, so this will be a different week. It was also 90* Monday!

Love you all! Keep on keeping on!

Elder Searle