Sunday, March 29, 2015

Land of Service

Dear Family,

Started off our week playing football as a zone last P-day. It got up to 91* in Lincoln and we played outside. We were going to play ultimate Frisbee, but it got windy so we just switched to football. We had a random white guy join us and he was so funny.

Tuesday is where our service started. We go to the Seward cross makers every week and help them, it's run by a lot of retirement people so it's always an adventure there! Coffee breaks there are the best and where you hear all the good stories.Then we went and helped rake some older ladies yard and filled like 15 garbage bags full! So many leaves!!

Wednesday we had Zone Training and our zone all came in beat red from playing football! The most burnt zone in the mission! That took up most of the day, then we drove back to Seward and had dinner with a member and they were crazy! Every time we go over there, they open up a Rockfizz soda, which are so weird! They have crazy flavors, so far I've had Marshmallow and Sweet Corn Soda. The Sweet Corn Soda was sooo weird, it tasted just like buttered corn!! It smelled super weird but tasted alright, I guess. We also did a mission prep class for the young men Wednesday night and talked about Using Time Wisely, so chapter 8 out of Preach My Gospel.

Saturday we helped another older lady with her yard, so we got even more sun! Then we had a branch Potato Feed and a "No Talent..Talent Show"
. We had about 60 people show up so that was pretty good and we had some funny and strange talents. The Spanish Elders and us did a stupid little clapping skit thing that was sooo was funny!!

The picture I sent home is a dude strapping a Lazy Boy to the roof of his car. When we pulled up they had someone sitting in it and then they all ran off. Must of thought we were FBI or something. 

That was the joy of our week, a lot of always, enjoying the sun and having fun. This week is also going to be great!

Love you all!! Take Care!!

Love Elder Searle