Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Going on an Adventure

Dear Family,

Had a pretty good week last week, I had a few adventures that were pretty fun and awesome. Fall weather here has been really strange.

On Monday we went to the mall so my companion could get his watch fixed...again.

Tuesday wasn't really too exciting, we mostly walked around and were told to go away multiple times. We finally just sat at a park for a bit and we took a picture of a tree because it was really straight. So that should tell you how the day went.

Wednesday is where our adventures start. We started out the day by having a Rubik's Cube race, which I totally got destroyed. We did it twice and the second time, my comp did it twice before I finished once, so I will need to practice on that. We went over to a sister's house, she's the lady who knitted me my hat and we go over every week and have lunch, we take our landlord with us and we're able to talk to both of them. After we walked around the neighborhood and decided to stop at a less active recent convert who has turned anti. It's not fun to be a part of and he wants to meet with us and the bishop about some concerns, but I know he'll just try to prove his point and not have an open heart so that meeting might not happen.

After that, we walked home to get a drink and Elder Quayle got his trunks in the mail, they are the papers he needs to fill out in order for the church to start working on his flight tickets for when he goes home soon. After he got those, he went a little crazy.

We left our place and started walking our normal path around the Lutheran Church and my companion was like "let's go talk to the Pastor!" I thought he was totally joking and I kept walking on the other side of the street...but he wasn't kidding. He opened the door and walked right in so I had to hurry. We asked if we could see the Pastor and the lady said he was in a class but to come back at 8. So we went back at 8 and all the classes were over and people were leaving. So we were just standing inside this church and everyone was looking at us and were really friendly with us. The Pastor came out and was really happy and full of energy and talked to us for a bit. He told us to come to his office sometime to set up an appointment. We haven't done that yet, but this whole story was a great story. We told it at district meeting and said that we are really trying to talk to everyone! lol

Thursday was our district meeting, our district is full of sisters now. There are 4 elders, including me and my companion and 7 sisters. All I can say is the room for district meetings smells dang good now. :)

After the district meeting I went on exchanges with Elder Wamsley in the Cottonwood area. We had a really good time. We met a guy who is a Sudan Warrior, when he was old enough to become a 11-12 years old, he went through training to become a warrior and they cut 8 lines across his whole forehead.

On Friday we had a ward camp out that was pretty fun. We had a good time.

Hope you all enjoy my letter, it's a long one for me!! lol

Love you all!!

Elder Searle