Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet the Mormons!!

Dear Family,

Guess what we can watch this week!!! Meet the the THEATER!!! Yep, you heard right, we are going to find a day and find someone that we can take with us and go see it. We will be going all out, seeing how we can actually go to a theater and not even feel guilty about being there. I'm going to buy myself a big ol' thing of popcorn and a nice drink to sip during it. It's going to be so fun!

General Conference was pretty great! For Saturday's sessions, we watched it just at our church. There wasn't anyone there when we got there, but 3 more people came to the church to watch it. Who knew other people come to the church to watch conference other than the missionaries. :)  I made it through all the sessions....even without a conference packet! :P

In between sessions, we went to Chick Fil A and had lunch, and we walked right past a sister in my last ward. She waved at me and I got to see her little girl that is 2. I went to place my order and some lady was already paying for the 4 of us to eat.  Then another person came up and offered to buy our food and I told them somebody already did, but thanks for offering.  Pretty neat we had 2 offers to buy our food. Priesthood session was sweet, we went with the Bellevue 1st Elders.

Sunday's session was pretty legit. A family invited us over and we had brunch with them before it started, it was super good! Another family we know were there too so we were able to talk to both families. During the break in conference, this family dumps out all their storage water and fills them back up. They do this every October conference because it's a good time to remind them. So we spent the whole break bringing up these giant water jugs and then taking them back downstairs. We watched the last session with them and then had dinner with them. 

On Wednesday we had interviews with our mission president, he wants us to be perfect and I'm clearly far from it. lol

We are going to the zoo today, that is always fun!!

Thank Up!!

Love, Elder Searle

 Our home

 That super straight tree I talked about last letter

 To show you how much weight I have lost!