Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet the Mormons/Monster Truck

Dear Family,

This week wasn't quite as adventurous as my past weeks. We were finally able to go see Meet the Mormon's, it was really strange to be in a movie theater, as a missionary. It was good. We went with our ward mission leader and a non member. The non member said he always gets popcorn at the movies and that he is so far in debt, but he got some  He only ate half of it and then gave me the rest, so I had some popcorn while we watched the movie!

We only have one investigator right now and that's the pastor at the Lutheran Church, but nothing is really going to change there, we don't think. But this week, we were knocking on doors in this neighborhood and saw this dude getting out of his car and he looked like a normal college student in his 20's. So we started talking to him and after a little bit he said "oh you guys know I'm the pastor for the Southern Baptist Church?" He had like 20 different Bible's and he had our Book of Mormon. Then his wife pulled up and out comes 3 little girls and a baby....the dude was 30 years old but totally looked our age, but with a nice beard. We talked to him for over an hour and he said he would call us sometime this week and we can go talk to him again. I don't know why we keep running into pastors. :)

We finally made our dinner appointment that night, good thing that family is way chill. He said he'd feed us, but only if we help him with a project. He had to make a video with us for his job and had to ask some questions as if we were just walking into a Dr's office. (I think he's going to be a pharmacist)  It was pretty funny because he kept messing up and had to keep re-doing it over and over again.

We had dinner with another family this week and it was really good and we had a fun time. Then we went to another member's house because he wanted to show us his new truck. It's a 2012 F250 with like a 5 inch lift! It was mean, I have never sat that high in a truck before. The member just got a new job and needed a new big truck for work. It was so nice and had a nice roar to it. :)

We went fishing this week with some other elders and that's pretty much my week. This week is our Ward Halloween Party so that will be pretty fun and today we are going to the mission office and then playing some volleyball and dodgeball with the zone. :)

Love you all!!

Love Elder Searle

Watching Meet the Mormons!!