Thursday, June 4, 2015

Transfer Week

What's up family!?

To start out the week, we went to the ribbon cutting at Sis. Hensly's store. It was pretty fun and they had family from Lincoln come down and help out with it. This is the clothing store we modeled for, hopefully it all goes well for her.

Then we helped out another family from the Mahoney Ward that is moving into our area for a bit. This family is moving into a home the girls father used to live in, but he is in jail now, so they will live in his house to watch over it and help out with his plumbing business that he has. We spent one day helping them clean out the place, he has 10 outside cats and 2 inside cats, a dog and he smokes and chews. We didn't know he had white walls until we scrubbed the heck out of it. There is also a very special cat that shoots snot out like a rocket, so that was everywhere. Moving the furniture out was an adventure...we tried not to grab where there was snot. 

So we helped them with that and then they said they had no one to help unload it the next day, so we cancelled what we had and went to help them. Turned out the Mahoney Sisters came to help, good thing the sisters came, they were legit and did a dang good job helping out.

On Friday and Saturday we helped a member move from Bee to Seward. They are members but he hadn't seen them before. They kinda use the wards to help them move and you could tell, they didn't pack anything and didn't seem to care about anything. We packed the trailer as full as we could and then just tried to find a spot in the house that looked good to unload everything. They were on their phones for like 40 min. We weren't very happy because we had to cancel our service at the Foodnet and we did all we could to help them move.  We haven't been able to help them anymore because we've been so busy.

Now for Memorial Day! We just played basketball, then we came back to Seward cause our branch mission leader had people over, so we weren't able to do our meeting and eat with them. So we went to McDonald's because we're broke! Woot!! BUT!! We first went and tried the Hensly's before we ate, they weren't there and we were sad, so we ate at McD's then went back to see if they were home and yep!! They were there!! So we were able to go in and they ordered pizza for us, then we played games. Taylor was at a friends house so it was just the parents and the two kids. My team won Pictionary! It was me, the dad and Tyler vs. Elder Hansen the mom and Kole. Then Taylor came home right before we started reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon! It was great!! We were able to have the whole family there and read it! It was great to be able to do a Family Home Evening with them. We are going back over there on Wednesday.

Transfers are this week but I'm pretty sure I'm staying, I think Elder Hansen will be staying with me as will be his last transfer. We will find out on Thursday! 

Love you all!! I typed this email really quick so hopefully it makes sense! :D

Love, Elder Searle