Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trial By Walking

Dear Family,

Two cool things happened last week, one- we had interviews with President Weston, it will be the last time I get to have an interview with him, seeing how he goes home soon. It went well and I was the very first one in, so I got him while he was still happy. :)

The other good thing we did was went to a 77th Birthday Party. He is super funny and grumpy, we called him and sang Happy Birthday to him and he said we totally ruined his he loved it! We ate dinner with them and played basketball with T and her cousin, it was super fun! We weren't able to actually teach anything, but she doesn't know everything we do so we were able to "teach" her during a few rounds of basketball.

That was about it for the week, we walked and walked and walked some more. It was the week after a baptism, it has been raining off and on, the schools are all graduating and the seniors are out in Milford and Seward and college parties are going on everywhere and no one wants to talk to you. We were dropped by M and pretty much 2 others, they moved and one said it was just too much of a change for her. 

This next week should be better, I sure hope cause this week sucked! I did send home some pics. :) We got a pool table from the Capital Elders so that's now our game room.

Love, Elder Searle

 Companion Elder Hansen