Monday, May 11, 2015

Sister Mark Died/That's Some Crazy Cracker Crap!!!

Hello Family,

It was so awesome to be able to Skype you all. We were talking to the Liesky's here, who are crazy and super funny and he always says "that's some crazy cracker crap!" but anyway, they were talking to us and they only get to call their son, no Skype, so be glad that we were able to!!

The main part of this week is that Kendra was baptized!!! It was great and super stressful!! Our branch president asked us if we had the baptism paper and we were like "no...why?" Well, I guess you are supposed to give it to them?? NO CLUE! I have never had to to do it for the other baptisms we've had and the zone leaders thought it was odd that he asked. So we had to hurry to our place and grab the piece of paper, and our place is about 15ish min. from the we were 10-15ish min. late for the baptism so everyone had to wait for us. We were so stressed out BUT we got it done. Then I was able to confirm her on Sunday...on Mother's Day so that was cool.

Then on Wednesday, we had a storm come through, nothing bad for us, but it sure left a lot. Like a lot of water everywhere, West Lincoln was pretty much underwater. I was able to get a few pictures but nothing too crazy. The one pic with the trains shows how high the water was. We were at the Hensley's when it hit so we just stayed there because the rain comes down so hard and fast. We were there for like 3 hours, we ate dinner with them, prepared their basement, just in case and also taught like 3 chapters from the picture Book of Mormon and started going over the Plan of Salvation with the 3 kids. Then we just started messing around and Taylor wanted some pics to remember us by and I took her hat. I sure hope that Elder Hansen and I can be the ones to baptize them, I love them to death!!

We also helped move a family out last week, they were a super cool family we were working with. We found out his wife had fallen at their new place and broke her hip...SUPER SAD!!! It's like she had a stroke or something. We got a call from her husband and he asked us if we would be able to come see them at the hospital in Lincoln today, so we will stop by and see them tonight. Then we'll be spending the night with the Zone Leaders because of our meeting tomorrow and going to the hospital tonight. We have interviews with the mission president first thing Tuesday morning so instead of us wasting miles, we will be staying with them.

That's about my week and this week should be fun as well!!

Oh, I did find out, that older lady who we saw crash her car, she passed away in the hospital from it. 


Elder Searle

 Kendra's baptism day!!

Chillin' in the storm

 Some of the flooding

Bo the dog

Elder Hansen's new desk