Monday, June 15, 2015

Poo Farm

Dear Family,

I feel like the title of this email is correct. They are cleaning up or doing something with the cattle farm that they have by Milford and it smells soooo bad!! You can taste the nasty poop farm. I can't remember if I told you guys, but we found out they try to keep 10k head of cattle and that once it starts to warm up, they will be cutting down to 2 poops a day...So lets just say they do that now, that's 20k poops a day!! Then it rains and it makes it all muddy, then the sun dries it out and the wind blows it into Milford!! Yah!!!

We got a call on Tuesday from the people who run Foodnet and they wanted to know if we would be able to come over sometime and of course we said yes and she said "how about tonight?" Well sure!! She asked if we had dinner and we hadn't so we got to eat with them and enjoy their company. We found out that both of them have met with missionaries in the past. We have just been having small talk I guess you could say. We found out why the Mennonite women have their little things and stuff, turns out that they are in a round about way looking for a religion. They don't believe in a lot of their religion and really just go because it's close by and it's the church that she grew up going to. 

On Wednesday night, we both pretty much looked wasted! The lack of sleep caught up to us and we started to wear out while we were at the Hensley's for part of the night. We had dinner with them and also read the Book of Mormon with them. Then we helped them move a washer and dryer from the basement to the upstairs and that was fun since Elder Hansen and I were both so out of it. 

Thursday we helped out at the Crossmakers and we helped them unload 2 trailers full of lumber. We went to the Huges Brothers Plant which is huge here and unloaded it by hand onto a giant forklift thing. It was kinda cool to see some of the plant. We then had Matt come out with us for the afternoon, he's 20 and just working to save up money for his mission, so he comes with us on his days off and helps us out. He is even hooking us up at Amigos where he works for cheaper food and free donuts after 8pm!! :)

We found out our less active is going back to jail, I guess she decided to go there rather than pay the fine. We were walking around Milford and were told there was a band/fundraising going on at the park, so we walked over there and there was a group called Tiny Hands and they help out with the stuff that is going on in Nepal. So we walked over cause we saw they had some food and everyone was staring at us.It's great!! So we donated some money and then could get some cookies and root beer floats while everyone is still staring at us. We had a guy come up and talk to us, he likes to debate with missionaries so we'll go see him one of these days. Then we had the main Tiny Hand guy come and talk with us for quite a while about how Christ has helped him in his life and was pretty cool!!

Saturday we decided we were tired of just walking Milford and Seward so we went up to Beaver Crossing and Utica and walked those areas for a bit. Beaver Crossing was hit by a tornado last year on Mother's Day and you can sure tell. I should have taken a picture, it's just destroyed and kinda creepy. All the trees are stripped down and stuff. We walked around and were suppose to see a family, but they cancelled on us.

Wow, long email here but I have one more day!! So Sunday, we get a ride to and from church from a family and the dad has to stay and do the tithing, so we were chillin' at the church for a bit and turns out the young women had their New Beginnings going on!! So we stayed and watched it, and it was pretty cool. I'm glad we were there because K was there, but her family didn't come (not surprised) so it was good for her that we were there for her. That night we went to Hensley's and watched some Mormon Messages and ate ice cream. Good way to finish off the week I'd say. 

So there's my week, tomorrow we have Zone Conference in Grand Island so we will be there pretty much all day. Weeks here are going by faster and faster....that it's just scary!! It's flying by!!

Love you all!!

Elder Searle