Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Country Cruisin'

Dear Family,

Hey Hey Hey! How's all y'all country people doing in dem mountains!? :)  This week was pretty darn awesome, especially seeing how we were able to watch the Nebraska/BYU game and oh boy was that a good game. This week also consisted of my first district meeting as a District Leader, my companion cutting down the wrong bush for an older lady, fishing, eating grilled pineapple and raiding a member's fridge.

Let's start with the district meeting, so the zone leaders had a meeting in Omaha, well Elder Colby just bought himself a cowboy hat so he wore that to the district meeting and wore it the whole time he gave us training and I wore my funny rainbow rooster tie! Elder Colby is training and I bet his kid was so confused what was going on, but it was fun! Then that night, we were at our place and I was like hey, I'm going to carry around some Plan of Salvation pamphlets in my hand, I have some in my backpack but I'm going to carry some, well, that night we went and saw a lady and she was like "I just don't know why I'm here or where I'm going?" And I'm all like "well, here's a pamphlet for you!!" So that was a pretty legit experience.

Wednesday we went and helped a lady cut down some of her flowers and she also decided to make us lunch instead of giving us $10 and a Subway coupon. She just told us what she wanted cut down and everything. She has a hard time going up and down the stairs and getting around so that's why she just told us while we were inside what to do. Well, my companion was like ok and went outside and went ham on a bush. Well, turns out it was the wrong bush! We were looking around her yard for the other bushes she wanted us to cut and then we went inside and was like "where were they at again?" That's when we learned we cut down the wrong ones...oopes!! Oh well, she still gave us food so I guess it's all ok? 

Thursday my boy got some packages in the mail and his family sent him his fishing pole and tackle box and he really, really wanted to use it. Well, we had dinner with a family out in Garland and they had this pond thing by their place cause they live in the country, so my boy got to fish for a bit and that made him happy. 

Then the Nebraska/BYU game, HOLY COW!! That was so awesome!! Now us missionaries won't be able to do ANY work for AT LEAST a week or two since we are all now hated...I's not that bad. I can't believe the one game we got to watch was the most intense game ever!! It went well watching it at the Dozals, even though they were pretty sad Nebraska was still a great game though. :)

Then Labor Day, I think everyone just really wanted to play football again so we played some football at Mahoney Park with a good group of Elders and some members and it was pretty fun, then we went and played basketball and now all of us are pretty much dead...none of us could walk and we all had a headache after, but it was fun and we all lost 20lbs. :P

There isn't anything too exciting for this week, I will hit my 22 months out mark on the 11th and then it's mom's birthday on the 13th!! I didn't forget!! :D 

Love you all!!
Elder Searle

Elder Pacheco happy to be fishing