Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Rules and a Great Reward

Dear Family,

We started off the week with Zone Conference in Grand Island again and it was pretty legit. One of the things that we did were we all sat down and went over the rules we had and changed some/added some. Well, we no longer have to suffer with ONLY MoTab and conference talks. Don't get me wrong, they are great but not if that is the only thing you can listen to 24/7. Also our mission president gave us a challenge a month ago to memorize 12 scriptures and to pass them off to our district leader or in my case, the zone leader. He said there would be a great reward, well, he finally told us what the reward was at Zone Conference. 

If we pass them all off, we will be able to watch the Nebraska vs BYU game at a members house!!! WOOT!!! That's going to be sooooo awesome!!! So I had to memorize the crap out of the ones I had left and I got them all! I just have to pass them off tomorrow at district meeting since the zone leaders are going to be there. So Saturday we will be watching the game at the Dolzals. :)

This week went by really fast and we were busy most of the time, we planted the remaining 2 trees for Conductor Merlin the Train Man and we (I say we but it was either my companion or Merlin) cut the phone/internet line while planting one of the trees so we had to get that fixed.

So some things we did this week, we made banana bread with a family, not to worry, no banana bread will ever compare to my moms! We sat at Napa for like an hour waiting for them to change the oil in the car, drove about 400 miles in a week, got to play at a playground while we waited for C to show up and that's about it. This week should be pretty fun seeing how we will be watching a football game! Love you all, take luck and have fun and hopefully the Huskers will destroy BYU!!! :D

Playing on the playground :)

Questions mom asked-

What have you enjoyed about Nebraska? 
Seeing all the different religions and walks of life, especially if you compare it to little Morgan. Everything is green, but I would like the dry air and dead grass over green grass and the humidity here.

How is your new mission president?
He is pretty awesome, right now he gave us a mission commitment to memorize 12 scriptures in 30 days and for those that do it, they will get a great reward. I'm guessing the great reward will be we now know 12 memorized scriptures. :) I have the first 7 memorized.

What has surprised you about your mission?
How tired we are everyday. :)  I guess how easy it is now, now get me wrong, it is very hard and challenging but all you talk about is what comes from the heart, pretty easy when it comes down to that.

Do I ever hear from people that I taught in other areas?
Sort of, I text them about every other month. Since I'm going home soon I will text them and invite them to my departing testimony meeting, so I'm just waiting for that.