Saturday, September 26, 2015

Contestants for Chopped

Dear Family,

Do you guys remember my story about how hard it was for me to make a PB&J sandwich with all those ants?? Well I have another story like we were going through our apartment and we had either Beenie Weenies, Ramen Noodles or Jello. We are holding those Beenie Weenies till we have NOTHING we decided to make some Jello, how hard could Jello be?? So we were making it and were looking for a pan that would work, well the best thing we found that was big enough was a lid. So we had it balanced and figured it would just be better to remove the handle so it wouldn't wobble, great idea!! It was flatter than the road kill we see out here, so we poured our Jello mixture into the lid and we were so proud of ourselves when we noticed it was leaking....well, we were so caught up on how flat it was that we didn't realize the hole was from the handle we removed...DERP!! So we had red counter tops and Jello falling down the counter tops. BUT... we poured it into 2 pie dishes so we saved the Jello, too bad the Jello tasted like crap!! I'm not sure if it's cause the Jello expired 2 years ago or if we didn't boil the water long enough, looks like we should have just used the Beenie Weenies. :)

Also to show how good of cooks we are, I made some broccoli cheddar soup stuff and it was alright, just didn't really have any taste so I was looking around trying to find things to improve it and the best thing I came up with was cereal! So I just poured some cereal into it, Elder Pacheco didn't like it but I thought it helped. :)

Here is our miracle for the week, so we got a text from a member saying that he had something for us and wanted to meet him in Seward, well we told him we'd be in Milford for a bit so he came to us and brought us Pizza Hut (which was awesome!) Well, he slipped both of us $100 and told us to go buy some winter gear. So of course we were like "oh no, no, no not this much man" Then I was telling him I will be returning to my people in the mountains soon so I don't need anything but he told me to go buy some nice ties or something. So that was our miracle, looks like those Beenie Weenies will be staying in the cabinet. It was even a better miracle for Elder Pacheco because his family was worried how he'd get his winter gear and he will be almost set by the time we go get his coat. There was a lot of gear left at our apartment from the past elders and a lot of it fits him so he's almost good. I have the windows open and in shorts and he's freezing, poor Arizona boy is so cold.

We had our hog roast that the branch did and it was fun, played Minute to Win It games and it was pretty fun. We went to Taylor's softball game and enjoyed that, also taught mission prep class again to all 3 priests we have here, we also did a legit District Meeting with them and they enjoyed it. We also got a new investigator this week, he used to meet with the missionaries before but lost track fo them when he moved and he has just been busy, but hopefully we can get the ball rolling with him again.

I bought a new suit!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! It is the strangest creme colored suit I've ever seen!! It was a whole $1 for the suit coat and I got the closest matching pants I could find for $4 at a thrift store in Seward. I wore it to District Meeting and that might be the only time I ever wear it. Everyone said they liked it but that could be just because it is totally different than our normal black and gray suit and then BAM!! Elder Searle the Wombat King in a gross creme suit!!

Oh the picture of Fred the Fuzz that's on my knee is from Tami and Brandy, It looked super funny because with my shorts all you could see were his feet so it looked like someone was crawling up my leg, but yes, Fred the Fuzzball on my hairy whiter than white could ever be legs. 

So yep, very interesting week and a lot of funny stories, hopefully you guys enjoy those and yes we are working hard,  having fun, we aren't starving missionaries yet so don't worry Shorty. ;)

Today we are going to the Trail Center and the Zoo with Conductor Merlin the Train Man and his friend so it will be a good day. Well, hope everyone has a good week!!

Elder Searle the Wombat out!!

 My new $4 suit!! 

 Elder Pacheco
 Elder Searle's drawing on the banana box