Monday, September 28, 2015

Seward's Homecoming Dance

Dear Family,

I don't think I have a story that will top my Jello making story from last week but I'll sure try sometime. So last week we were able to go to the Trail Center and the zoo with Mark and Merlin, both railroad guys and oh boy was it fun!! Mark is borderline crazy but he sure made the trip fun! We got some new quotes from him that aren't really appropriate to put here but just know that they are pretty good! We didn't have that gorilla attack us while we were there because when we went to see him they just barely fed him so he was a little busy with that, but it was still fun.

So a funny story that happened on Wednesday, I got asked to Seward's Homecoming Dance! LOL!! So long story short, she was asked by her boyfriend to go but he dumped her like 2 weeks ago and she was sad and didn't want to go with anyone at all but when we were visiting them she said she'd go if I went with her. She was somewhat joking of course but I technically still got asked...too bad this didn't happen when I was in high school. ;)

Someone that we have been teaching is Alex and he has been taught by the missionaries before. His good friend is in the branch and we have been using him to see Alex. He should be watching some of general conference next week with us but he has been doing well. We had dinner with the people that he knows and we had a good meal and a good lesson with them. Both Alex and Ty are on the cross country team so they get along great.

We also helped another guy named Mark that is over Foodnet, once a month they get a load from Pepsi Company of their expired/bad/damaged pallets so we went to the Pepsi Company and we loaded half of the bed of his truck up with pop and stuff in Lincoln. We also got a new saying, someone cut him off while we were driving with him and he called them a "jerkweed" I haven't head that one before!!

We helped a family move Saturday and oh boy are we still sore!! The move didn't start out the best, the dude got stuck in his yard and got mad and left but come to find out he only destroyed that plastic cover on the tailgate and that was it. We took a break for a bit then came back together and got almost all of their big stuff moved so that was good but oh boy were we tired!!

That's about our week, nothing too crazy. We do have a muddy car from all the rain and backroads we take and our phone broke again so we are phoneless so that's fun...This week is transfers so we will find out on Thursday what happens for my last transfer. Crazy to think I'm almost weird!!

Love, Elder Searle