Monday, October 12, 2015

Dying in the Corn

Dear Family,

So everyone already knows because mom couldn't wait till today to find out if I stayed or not, but hey, I don't blame you. I had to go cheat and find out myself if I was staying or not. :) So Elder Pacheco and I are still here. So this week wasn't the best for lessons and the coolest family in Seward just moved... The Hensly's took off to over by Nebraska City and we helped load up their U-Haul yesterday and said our goodbyes. So sad to see them leave, now who is going to feed us almost every Wednesday?!?

Like for real, I have no clue what to write about this week. Elder Pacheco and I went "picture tracting" it was late and we took some pictures late at night to finish off our 2 transfers together, so that's where those pictures come from.

General Conference was awesome as always. Poor President Monson didn't look like he was 100%, hopefully everything is alright with him. Some cool quotes I got from conference are "Fear not, your future is as bright at your faith" -President Monson. "Satan uses our weakness to make us feel discouraged" -can't remember. Elder Hales talk really stuck out to me, maybe that's cause he talked a lot about things I can do when I get home. So that might be why. lol

I finished reading the New Testament today!! I have read the Book of Mormon 4 times since I've been out and now the New Testament.

So sadly, this was my week. Today we are getting haircuts and after that I will lose about 10 lbs! It's So Long!!! Then my Arizona kid is getting some winter gear cause he's cold. Then we are going to the Temple on Friday and we are having interviews with the mission president. I have to have an interview anyway cause my temple recommend expired, so I will get that done Friday. 

Love, Elder Searle