Monday, October 26, 2015


Dear Family,

It's getting cold!! Everything is dead and being cut down (corn) and everything is flat again...Speaking of cutting down corn, we went harvesting on Wednesday! Lori Johnson set it up for us to go with her dad while he was harvesting. I forgot to take some pictures because I was having too much fun in the combine, but holy cow those things are pretty fancy! The one that we were in wasn't one of the new ones, not the ones that drive themselves by GPS but it was pretty sweet. He did a couple three rows with us and was showing us everything, so now I can say I harvested some corn while I was here!

Thursday night we had dinner with the Johnson's and they invited Brandy to join and holy cow, it was a roasting fest! The Johnson's daughter and Brandy roasted us, mostly to Elder Pacheco though. 

Saturday was kinda a strange day, I got my super trunks in the mail...that would be my flight plans and everything and it's weird to think it's coming to an end, I know you guys have had them for quite a while but now I have it....IT'S SO WEIRD!! Just knowing that I'm holding my flight plans in my hands and all the questions that President Gardner wants me to's just crazy. make my Saturday better, we carved pumpkins!!! We went over to the Bakers and ate dinner, had Mummy Dogs (pigs in a blanket) and we carved the pumpkins. They also made Puppy Chow and asked if we have ever had it and we said no, then they brought it out and it was Muddy Buddies!! I ate the whole bowl!! I guess it was supposed to be for both Elder Pacheco and I but I didn't know that. 

I guess Elder Pacheco has some skills when it comes to carving pumpkins and that I'm terrible at making cut out block letters. So I carved Book of Mormon into mine and Elder Pacheco did a CTR and #Mormies because that's what the Bakers call us. Then he carved Angel Moroni and he also later carved Jesus into it. So my little Book of Mormon pumpkin looks crappy compared to his. :)

Friday was kind of a sad day, we helped 2 families move. The Bjournbergs moved from Friend to Idaho and then we helped P Hensley's dad move. The Bjournbergs will sure be missed, they were so funny and they are awesome!! Then since we helped move all day we missed the Foodnet, but luckily Brandy got us a box from it. We showed up right when they were done cleaning and everything so we were just chillin outside and Elder Pacheco heard the high school football game that was going on and he wanted to go watch it. So we went and watched the Milford game, they got destroyed and it was their last game, so kind of sad for that but it sure made Elder Pacheco's day. That is where the picture at the game came from, Brandy took it and sent them to us.

Sunday we spoke in sacrament meeting, we just had to talk for 5-7 min. about something that stuck out to us during General Conference so I did President Uchtdorfs Saturday morning session. I talked about keeping things simple and Am I Truly Happy. I also printed off Elder Hales talk since that is the one that stuck out the most to me, but that is just because it talked about enduring to the end and things that I can do/work on for when I go home so I will be studying those in a day or two.

The baptism has been moved up to Halloween!! It is going to be sweet!! We taught her everything last night and will be having the baptism interview Wednesday and I'm sure everything will work out! So that will be exciting!!

Hopefully we will have some more awesome experiences and things this week. Hopefully you guys have a good week!

Love, Elder Searle

Milford football game

                               Elder Searle and a bubble