Monday, November 2, 2015

Final Week

Dear Family,

Holy Cow....I can't believe that I have one full week left of my mission. Time has gone by sooo fast! I swear just yesterday I was home causing trouble, teasing Nana Bear, 4-wheeling, getting yelled at for bringing mud in the house etc. The mission has been great and it will be sad that it's over. 

We had an AWESOME week!! Alisha's baptism went well and it was super spiritual! Her grandpa was the one that baptized her and he had a very hard time getting the words out because of how emotional he was. There were so many people there! The youth had a hayride/tin foil dinner activity and they invited some of the ward/branches around us and a lot of them stuck around for the baptism so there were a lot of youth there to support Alisha. Even the branch president said this was the most people he has seen at a baptism here in Seward for the 9 years he has been branch president. Alisha sure deserved it, having to wait 4 years and still faithfully doing everything and just having the patience. It was also great to have one last baptism before I go home so can't complain at all.

We did a lot of driving this week, we still have our normal miles, 1100, but since I will be gone next week and Elder Pacheco will just be with the zone leader we won't be needing our miles at all for that last week so that means...we can use them all in this 2 week period. So we have been hitting a different town almost every day and we have been having fun on dirt roads and getting Ashley (our car, we named her Ashley) a little dirty. We drove all the way up to Gresham and there was nothing there, but we found a telephone outside so Elder Pacheco was going to prank call another elder but it was $2 to call! They also had some old gas pumps so I acted like I was filling up so that explains those 2 pictures. The other picture of Elder Pacheco looking cold was pretty funny, we were at the church for district meeting and it was so cold in there! Then poor Elder Pacheco was just so cold that he walked around the church and found a Scooby-Doo towel and used it as a blanket, he also went and grabbed some wool socks from the back of our car and used them as mittens, it was pretty funny. 

Fire Chief picture, so we were helping someone move and we found the apron and oven mitt and we were able to take them. I also had some glow glasses that I think you guys sent me?? So I put them all on and also acted like I had some oxygen pumping into my system, so I put them all on while Elder Pacheco was in the bathroom and oh boy was he surprised when he came out. Too bad I didn't have it earlier, could of used it Friday at Foodnet when everyone else came dressed up but I didn't have anything...oh well..

The mission president has really been pushing for us to teach short lessons, 30 min and to keep it simple and to also be able to teach the whole restoration lesson in 8 min. if we teach it on a door step. So I found a scripture in Acts 20:9 that says as Paul was long preaching, the guy fell into a deep slumber in a window loft and fell out falling 3 stories and was taken up dead. (if you read on he really didn't die but just that one verse makes it sound pretty funny). So I texted that scripture to a couple three sets of Elders and they found it pretty funny. :)

This last full week I have is going to be different, like tonight, the Foodnet crew are throwing a potluck/goodbye Searle party so we have that and another 2 little parties coming up. We will still have to work hard so time doesn't just drag on. I don't even know if I'll  remember what real life was like, I will have to have T-Rav show me or something. I am excited and that kid better get out of my room. Also, there is no way I'm sharing a room with Smelly P, he can live outside in a tent or in the barn, hook up a tv out there and a microwave and mini fridge and he will be fine. Just kidding!

I have no clue how next week is going to work, I know I will be picked up sometime Monday so I'm not sure if I will email at the normal time or later in the day, but I'll get on one more last time. I would say you can start your countdown, but I'm pretty sure you guys have been counting down already. I love you guys and can't wait to be home! It's going to be sad leaving the mission and saying goodbye to certain people, but I think it's time. Love you guys!!!

Love, Elder Searle

Alisha's baptism!

Fire Chief

Study desk
Sleepy Searle