Monday, October 12, 2015

A Miracle and the Sickness

Dear Family,

This week has been awesome and crappy, like literally...I'm sick.
Saturday night I thought that a wave of allergies just decided to hit me and I woke up Sunday morning and all through out the night to my throat just killing me...Yep, I have strep throat and either a cold or just allergies now. I can't tell but I'm pretty snotty. :P I just had to get sick on a Sunday where no clinics are open, so I did go to the ER. So if you guys get something from them, sorry...I LOVE YOU! :) So all of Sunday I spent sleeping and I'm still tired. You would think I would be fine by now but guess not.

On a better note!! We had the coolest miracle known to man-kind. So on Thursday, we went and had dinner with the V family, who are awesome!! They are a part member family, the husband is not a member and neither is the daughter, but the mom has been faithfully  bringing the daughter every Sunday and to every YW activity and she even goes to Seminary. The daughter is 14 and they have been doing this for years! 9 months ago the dad wrapped his truck around a telephone pole, he was driving home drunk, he has been sober since then and has been doing better. Well, we were having dinner with them and the dad just all of a sudden threw into the conversation that he would allow the daughter to be baptized. Everything just stopped, spoons mid-air with the soup falling off, everyone just stared at him. He was like "well, what are you all looking at me for?" Holy Cow it was awesome!! The daughter was soooo happy and the Spirit was soooo strong! It was a huge surprise to all of us. The dad said that she was pretty much a faithful member, just not baptized. So they are working on a date cause she wants her grandpa to baptize her and a day that her sisters could all be there, but they are going to try for Nov. 7th, which would be SWEET!! Just a few days before I go home, I told them if it doesn't work out doing it before I go home, that I would come back out. :) They are trying to do it soon though.

Something funny that happened this week, well funny to me was some big dude, like really big dude started talking to us, so what do we do? We go talk to him, he told us he was from Texas just visiting and asked what was all around here, we asked him if he has ever talked to us before and he said he sees us on bikes in Texas. We asked if ever talked to them and he said no because he would hit on them, oh crap!! Well, I left him with our card and told him to watch "Because He Lives" video, he said he wouldn't because what he's doing isn't very Christ-like, he then invited us (he was mostly talking to my companion this whole time) if we would like to come to his hotel that night, we said heck no and got out of there. He called us babes and said he'd call us. Well, he never did call us so that's a good thing. Luckily it was more towards my companion, but still. ;)

Temple Trip!!! We had interviews with the mission president before temple so I got my temple recommend but the temple trip was awesome!! We got some sweet pictures that I think you guys will love. We tried making it look like General Authority pictures and I think we did a pretty good job at it.

That sums up our week, today we are going to the Husker's Stadium so that's going to be awesome!! I'm still full of snot but my throat doesn't hurt too much anymore, but next week I'll have some sweet pics to send, I bet Grandpa will love!!

Love, Elder Searle