Saturday, September 26, 2015

22 Month Mark

Dear Family,

Happy 22 month mark to me and Happy Birthday to the greatest mom in the world!! I hope you enjoyed the picture of me and the wombat that I had sent to you. So to explain the wombat...our Zone Leaders gave everyone in the Zone a spirit animal and I am the wombat...I'm not sure what to think about that but Elder Pacheco sure had a good laugh after the Dolzals showed us the picture of one. He isn't very happy what he got, which is a toad, they were going to give him either an ox or a gorilla but they felt like a toad was best.

I feel and look so beat up lol!! I got punched by our recent convert cause I was teasing her so she gave me a dead arm..twice..and yes, she's only 14 years old BUT I've had a bruise for 2 1/2 weeks now! Then I cut my wrist from moving a TV, sliced up my elbow moving a custom 1000 lb. (felt like it!) entertainment center up from someone's basement. Then to put the icing on the cake, I got CHIGGERS!!! A whole 16 bites on my FEET!! OH MY GOSH they itch SOOOO bad!! I woke up in the middle of the night trying to claw my ankle out of my foot and I thought a had spiders attacking me. So we bugged bombed our place cause I thought "oh no, I'm not having ANY spiders attacking me again! Then we went to Mama Dolzals and had her play mom for me and turns out they are chigger bites. I couldn't get a very good picture of them. I don't want to wear shoes because they rub and make them itch sooo much. Just imagine having 3-4 mosquitoes bites in one spot, that's what 1 chigger feels like and I have 16 of them, they take a month or two to fully go away. I'm just getting old and beat up.

Had exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Pawlenchuck in his area and our first night sucked. It was raining, I didn't have a rain jacket and no one answered their doors or phones. Except one girl answered but hung up when we told her who we were. But, we were walking by some apartments and I found 2 $10 bills, there was no way to figure out who it belonged to so I decided to give them to my companion to help him out with money since he's low for the rest of the month. The next day we went street contacting at UNl campus and handed out like 20 cards and found someone that acted super interested and we talked to her for about half an hour. Then we were walking down the main part where they have booths and everything set up and we talked to some catholic kids so that was good.

Driving into Lincoln today we saw the Nebraska flag blowing in the breeze so I got a picture of that, it looked pretty cool. It's pretty close to the stadium but I took the pic for you guys to see. 

I think that's about our excitement for the week, on Saturday our branch is doing a hog roast so that will be pretty legit.Other than that, it should be a normal week. I've been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having. It's sooo nice, my companion thinks it's freezing though, that darn Arizona boy is going to freeze when it really gets cold. ;)

Love, Elder Searle