Monday, August 10, 2015

Awesome Week!!!

Hey hey everyone!!! So I'm going to quickly recap what went down this week. So our neighbor Mark has been joining us in the mornings for our workouts, seeing how we now have a weight bench outside our apartment. Mostly Elder Pacheco and him use it because I'm inside doing stuff but we have been able to share some lessons with him while working out so that's been pretty legit. We also helped a less active tear down wallpaper in a room and we were there for about 8 hours. They fed us lunch and dinner so that was fun. He also gave us some jerky and some Slim Jims so I can't complain. The Dolzals, the family that let me Skype home for Christmas, came back from their trip to England and they brought us back some English Chocolate!!! We got 2 bags and they were gone in not even 2 days...THEY WERE SOOO GOOD!!! We got to listen how their trip went and they showed us all the pictures they took and oh man, I would love to take a trip to England one of these days.

So a cool story, we have been meeting a kid named C in Milford. We have only seen him twice but he really wants to change, we set him for baptism on Sept. 12th so hopefully we can help him reach that goal. He is 20 years old and has to do 59 hours of community service and he moved to Milford to hopefully stay out of trouble. But we found out that he doesn't know how to read, like at all, so we are going to order a thing for him through the branch and we are going to start helping him learn how to read! We'll see how it goes!!

We had the Seward Fair going on so we decided to see what all was going on. Well, we walked into this big ol' tent and the Peterson Farm Bros were there. Look them up on youtube, I have seen some of their videos before so it was really neat to see them live, they make funny parody videos, one of them is called "Farmer Style" It's pretty funny so look them up. Other than that, that was our week. Some great things are happening here in Seward and it's going to get even better!!!

Love, Elder Searle