Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hi Family!!!

This week we were able to talk to C twice, the first time went well. The branch bought us a reading program that we can use with him to help him learn how to read. We haven't got it yet but it's all scripture based so we'll see how it goes. The first time we saw him we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and just gave him the basic run through then we talked about faith and repentance with him. Then we saw him again last night and he was higher than a kite, he was so stoned it wasn't even funny. It made us upset because he said he was done with all that. So we just talked a little bit with him then we just went on our way. Hopefully he is back to normal next time we see him.

A funny little tale of how exciting our day can get, we had lunch at McDonald's and the guy helping us is a youth from the branch. My companion ordered first then I went. I was just joking around and asked him for a kids toy and I got one!! I took my food over and my companion saw my Bat-mobile Javelin Shooter and he was jealous! lol! 5 minutes later he got one so both of us were messing around with our Bat-mobiles. :)  See how exciting our days can be? 

So this week is transfers, I'm pretty sure Elder Pacheco and I will stay together for at least one more transfer. They normally train for 2 transfers. Elder Martinez is going home on Wednesday so I wrote in my planner to call him on Sunday. Well, he called me Friday night and we talked for about 45 min. Some cool advice he gave me was "God didn't call you on a 21, 22, 23 month mission, but 24, keep enduring, keep trying and finish strong!" I thought that was pretty awesome. We brought up some good ol' memories and talked about what he is going to do when he gets home. He lives in Kaysville so pretty close to us and one day we will see each other again, but it was really awesome to talk with him.

Friday and Saturday were the Milford Fun Days and we went to the Pancake Feed and went to the car show...twice..It's pretty small but it was pretty fun. We missed the parade because Lieskys came back into town and they needed some help so we helped tear down some wallpaper (good thing we had practice with that a week or two ago) tore some part of the ceiling down cause of water damage and helped paint a wall.

The other day I was like "I wonder how much of the New Testament I have read?" So I looked and I'm almost done with it!! I'm in Acts right now. Hopefully I can finish reading the Book of Mormon and the New Testament before I go home. I just finished Alma today. :)

Here's a cool quote Dallin just sent me,

"What are your eccentricities, if any? I think nearly all people have some. If so, then go to work. Classify them, weigh them, corral them and eliminate one at a time until you are a very normal person. "The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball)

Anyway, hope you all have a good week, love you all!!! :D

Love, Elder Searle

 Zone Photo

Elder Linford and I, he goes home Wednesday

Milford Fun Days Car Show