Monday, August 3, 2015

Visit to the ER

Dear Family,

Hello everyone!! So yep...we had to go to the ER last week. We were helping the Liesky's move and Elder Pacheco and I were tying everything down in the back of the truck when the bungie cords we were using broke and it came back and smacked my companion right in the forehead and it came back and smacked me on the shoulder. So we went to get his head checked out. We went and they just glued it, the dr. said it was borderline needing stitches but they just glued it. In Nebraska you have to be 19 and since he was 18 they had to call his parents before they could do anything to him. It was kinda funny because he couldn't remember their numbers and the office had the wrong numbers because his parents changed their numbers so it took a little bit before we got it all worked out.

Another cool thing that happened last week was that we went to Branch Oak Lake with Brandy and her family. She invited us while we were at Foodnet and said we should come to her mom's 46th birthday so we went on up. We went in our "normal" stuff and they teased us they didn't recognize us. This drunk dude came up and started talking to us and just kept on talking and there were other people that I wanted to talk to so Brandy came and saved me but my comp stayed and talked to him...the whole joke. I think he has a new BFF now.  :)  Something neat that happened was the next day I texted Brandy to thank her for inviting us and one of the guys at the party told Brandy's mom that God does some interesting stuff and he thinks these 2 missionaries were sent for a reason. Brandy told us she shared a scripture that we left with her a while ago in Ether about weak things becoming strong so that was really neat that she was able to share that with her mom.

Another cool experience was that we went and saw Margo, we haven't seen her for a month or two but we decided to stop by her little store she works at and talked to her for a bit. She is still reading her Book of Mormon and is almost done with it, she just said it would be a hard change for her. She did ask for the rest of our pamphlets we had and she said she would read them. We will be going back to see her but just really cool that the Spirit is still working on her and everything and hopefully we can keep helping her out.

We also went to the St. John Lutheran Church here in Seward. We were invited from some people to go and watch their daughter sing in the choir so we were like, sure, we can listen. The choir was awesome!! So that was my week and this week looks like a normal week so far so we better change that up and do something interesting. Oh, some Elders gave us their bench press, so we use that arms turn to jello when I use it, my comp can bench press 375!! 

Love you all!!
Elder Searle

The Liesky's

love Nebraska sunsets