Wednesday, December 17, 2014

new home/new car

Dear Family,

So I'm going to make this email short and to the point seeing that we have to hurry. So we got a new apartment because of more missionaries going home than coming out. So we moved into the Fairview sisters apartment and our old one is getting closed. We are in the nicest and most expensive apartment in the mission. That even came from Sister Coleman who is over the housing for the mission. They have a lease with this apartment till February, so I will most likely be moving again in a few months. The nice thing is that the sisters left EVERYTHING there!! Our fridge is just so full and so much food and candy everywhere! We have so much, our new place is also 7 miles south of our area so...drum roll... we got a car full time!! Know what's better....I'M DRIVING!! and to make it even better....we got a Chevy Cruise, the funnest car to drive in the mission.

My companion, Elder Jacobson can't drive because they won't let you drive your last transfer, so he is chillin while riding shot gun. He isn't the district leader for his last transfer and we got a car full time and the nicest apartment, he says it's like his retirement home since he leaves for home in January!! We celebrated the night we moved in our new place with some sparking cider. :)

So our investigator wasn't baptized on Saturday because she said she prayed and wants to go to church a few more times, like all 3 hours. We moved her baptism back to Jan. 3rd, we aren't worried about her at all, she is super solid. We did go to the sister's baptism on Saturday and it was cool.

Also found a super solid 15 year old Hispanic kid, he keeps texting us for more things to read in the Book of Mormon so that's awesome!! We will teach him sometime this week.

My new address is-

14222 Constitution Circle #22
Bellevue, Nebraska 68123

 We also had a family sign up to feed us on Christmas, not sure what time yet, but we'll get that figured out.

That's about my week, lots of packing and cleaning out our old apartment and moving in. Also, sorry to the people that have emailed me and I haven't gotten back, emails are starting to pile up and I don't have time to email everyone. Grrr!!

Love you all!!
Elder Searle