Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Food Coma

Dear Family,

Thanksgiving...oh man...did I wobble after that! So we had 4 Thanksgiving meals that we went to. Our first meal was with a Grandma and her two friends. We had lunch with them and we went early to help with the food. We had a good time and we tried really hard not eat too much, we had small servings and when we went back for seconds, we tried to be good and then the pies came out! I ate way too much! Then we went to another home and had a crazy time there, they have 5 young sons with 2 of them being twins. Their dad was hilarious trying to discipline them.

Then we went to the guy that offered us the ride in the snow like a couple three weeks ago and we had a blast there. They had neighbors over and they know about the Mormons and everything we believe in and were super nice. After we ate we talked to them and we shared the "His is the Gift" video with them. Then the wife started to pack us up some food from her pantry. She was pulling out all sorts of food. We won't have to go shopping for quite a while now with all the food we got.

We finished up our night at a part member family's house and we got there a little late so they had already eaten, which was fine by us. We then had more pie!! So that was my Thanksgiving, got plenty of food and ate WAY too much, but it was worth it. was it cold!! We were out trying to finish off our night and it was SOOOO cold! The wind was just a killer. I had more stuff on then my companion but we ended up running home so we could warm up faster and sooner. It was the first time that I was actually so cold that I ran home.

We also met a guy with the coolest name ever....John James Peoples III, every time we say his name we have to say ALL of it, coolest name ever!! :)

On Monday when visiting a family, they had a banana and gorilla costume, so that explains those pictures! :)

Since it's Thanksgiving Week I just want to say a few things that I am thankful for. I'm thankful for my awesome mom who makes sure that I know that she loves me and will do anything for me and for an awesome Papi who has taught me how to "make things work" and has helped me with life lessons. I'm thankful for my awesome brothers and sisters, even if T-Rav is cooler than me. I'm thankful for all their letters, especially Maya's awesome letters and all her emoticons. I'm thankful for my grandparents who have helped me out with buying new clothing and for teaching me to work hard and "not run with the weed-eater! I'm thankful for the love and kindness that everyone shows me and for all the emails and letters that I get. I'm thankful for this gospel and everything that it can bring to us and for the chance I have to be on a mission.

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!!

Love you all!!

Elder Searle