Monday, December 29, 2014


Dear Family,

I had a wonderful Christmas week and pretty much got most stuff in while skyping. It was sure good to SEE everyone and to hear that everything is about the same, except the fact that Nanna Bear is getting older! Holy cow!! Other than Brianna, the others looked about the same.

So for Christmas Eve, we went over to a home and had Cornish gamehen? I have no clue how to spell that and I just straight sounded it out, but it's just a little chicken, I had some rice and artichokes, which were my first time having those and it was different but pretty good. We had this little candle burning at the top of our plates so it was like a fancy dinner with them. The husband had his sisters family come over and they invited one of their friends from my last ward, so it was really good seeing them again.

For Christmas we went over to another families home and spent most of our time there. They are a crazy, loud family. They had some of their kids over so there were like 15 people there. We had soup and lots of cookies and ice cream. We are going to try to teach one of their daughters who is like mid 20's. She moved back in with them for a few months so we'll try and teach her. She is pretty crazy and super funny, she's different than most of her family, she's kinda red-neck. Her and her sister do this syrup challenge every Christmas, so we joined in! We had to see who could drink the little bottle of syrup the fastest and the winner would get to go first in Candy-Land. I took 3rd, my comp lost and we sure felt that syrup after. It was fun!

S had her baptism interview and she passed!! So we should be having a baptism this coming Saturday! It's going to be so awesome! She is super solid and is ready. We found out she's only 20 years old! Kinda weird seeing someone our age married and in the military and expecting! 

We have interviews with our mission president, president Weston on Wednesday and for New Year's we will most likely be going over to our bishop's place and chill there with S and D, so that will be fun!!

It's also snowing!! Finally getting some snow after Christmas!! Well, I hope I wasn't too weird Skyping, I figured I was a bit so hopefully it wasn't too bad. Well, have a good week everyone!! 

Take Care!!

Love, Elder Searle

Elder Searle and Sister Weston at Christmas Zone Conference