Thursday, June 4, 2015

Another Transfer in Seward

Dear Family,

Since I emailed last week on Tuesday, this might be a shorter email. On Wednesday we were able to go to the Hensly's again and we had a campfire with them! We were able to eat and play basketball with the kids and I was also the catcher for Taylor because she wanted to practice her softball pitch. It was really fun, I smelled like a campfire, we read a little bit from the Book of Mormon with them around the campfire so that was cool.

Something kinda funny on Tuesday was, we were having dinner with a family and they were making Elder Hansen very trucky. Their daughter is like 10 and she was telling Elder Hansen that his girlfriend dumped him and that he is now single, then she said that she's not sure what his kids will look like cause she hasn't seen a picture of his girlfriend. He isn't trucky but that wasn't going to help! :)

Saturday we went to a BBQ down in Crete with the Spanish Elders, they have a recent convert and they wanted to feed all of us so we went down there. We got eaten alive by all the mosquito''s sooo bad here!! Last I heard, we are either 2nd or 3rd on the list of the most rainfall in Nebraska for May, that means mosquito's everywhere!! We now speed walk everywhere we go so we don't get bit! It's great!

Sunday was also a fun day, we had a good time at church. We then went to the elderly care center to see one the ladies that we don't get to see too much. We were going into the conference room when one of the other ladies wanted to join us, then they were like, "you should go get Grandma Howard!" We thought, sure why not, let's get everyone in here! We went around the circle saying how our day went and something good that was pretty fun. We also found out this day that Elder L. Tom Perry passed away.

We're hoping to be able to go to Utica and Gresham and go see 2 families. We weren't able to see them last week because we didn't have any miles left. But...since it was a new transfer, we got our new miles!! There is a daughter that comes to church just about every week, she comes from a part member family and wants to be baptized. I guess her dad wouldn't let her get baptized before, she asked him again and he didn't say no this time. Turns out a while ago, he was drunk and destroyed a phone pole on his way home one day. That was his final thing for him, he decided to quit and he's been sober now for 4 months. We saw them 2 weeks ago and the dad is super cool and chill. They live on a dirt road in the country and have cars and stuff everywhere. It's crazy and would be super fun to live up there! He wants to talk to his pastor first so hopefully we can go see them on Thursday.

I think that's about it for my week...I have a HUGE headache now because at the library, they are having some Hawaiian thing here for Summer and they have been smacking these HUGE drums the whole time I've been here. Hopefully it didn't mess up my letter much. 

Have a great week everyone!! Glad to see that everyone survived the last week of school and that Travis actually graduated!!!! :)

Love, Elder Searle

 Loves the older cars!
 Elder Hansen at the cookout
 Elder Hansen and I playing horseshoes